Operating Electronics

For spectrometer modules from ZEISS

Custom tailored operating electronics for spectrometers

  • Introduction

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    In addition to the spectrometer module, a preamplifier, front end electronics and interface electronics are required for a spectrometer system.


    The preamplifier and the front end electronics are matched to the spectrometer module. With the exception of the MCS FLEX, the preamplifier is integrated into the spectrometer module. Its task is the amplification of the low output signals of the detector array and the minimization of possible interference of analog signal.

    Front End Electronics

    The front end electronics device is the connection point between the module and the PC. The sensor clock signals are generated and the analog video signal digitized via the control electronics unit and an ADC. High dynamics and signal stability in the used configurations are achieved thanks to quartz-precision timing and integrated filtering of supply voltages. In the CGS spectrometer front-end electronics from ZEISS are used. (spectrometer electronics)

    Interface Electronics

    PCI, high speed USB and Ethernet are the standard interfaces for operation with a desktop PC. The PCI interface board is inserted into the PC, while in the case of the USB interface board the front end electronics unit is directly plugged onto the sensor. Unlike the other spectrometers, the CGS only has one USB and one Ethernet interface.

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