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CORONA PLUS 45 Accessory



The rotating table for CORONA

  • Introduction

    TURNSTEP, in combination with Corona Plus and Corona Extreme sensors, measures large quantities of samples in the laboratory accurately within a short period. The system is specially designed to examine critical constituents and other parameters (e.g. color) of inhomogeneous raw materials and texture. This is an essential requirement for ensuring constant quality of sample evaluation, leading to a reduction of sampling errors. TURNSTEP features three different rotation speeds and permits fully automatic operation of CORONA spectrometers via computer.

    The TURNSTEP rotary plate is an accessory to the CORONA 45 NIR, CORONA 45 Vis-NIR and Corona extreme. In combination with the Corona Plus measurement system it is applied for instance in the tobacco production.

  • Benefits
    • Fully automatic operation in combination with CORONA spectrometers and the relevant measuring software
    • High sample throughput due to fast repetition rate
    • Use of commercial sample dishes to lower accessory costs
    • 3 dish sizes by default of dia. 60 mm, 80 mm and 200 mm; further sizes on request
    • Rotary plate‚Äôs mount and holder enable fast setting of the relevant dish size
    • Features different rotation speeds
    • Marked reduction in measuring errors in the case of inhomogeneous sample material
    • Fully automatic operation of CORONA spectrometers via computer
    • Included computer unit to connect to CORONA or MCS 600 system
    • Robust and sturdy design