Manifold accessories for CORONA PLUS REMOTE

for numerous applications

  • Introduction

    It does not matter if you want to perform a transmission or reflectance measurement, or intend to work in different wavelength ranges, with the different versions of CORONA PLUS, you remain flexible. It will take you practically no time to change the measuring heads and use CORONA PLUS for new tasks. CORONA PLUS is tailored to in-process or lab requirements, keeping you ideally equipped for many applications.

  • OMK 500-H

    The OMK 500-H is a reflection measuring head with integrated halogen lamp for the measurement of diffuse reflections. It is used in combination with a customised version of the MCS 500 spectrometer. The applications of the OMK 500-H include on-line colour measurement of textured samples, such as textiles, paper, plastics, etc.

    An optical system provides sample illumination at 0° (normal to the sample) in a quasiparallel beam. 15 individual optical fibres are uniformly arranged in a ring for sample observation at 45°. The fibres are bundled and connected to the spectrometer through a fibre connector. A double beam arrangement is provided by a second optical light guide that directs the light directly to the spectrometer (not via the sample).

    Technical Data

    Spectral Range 380 nm up to 900 nm OMK 500 -H
    400 nm up to 2400 nm OMK 500 H - NIR
    Viewing Geometry 15 x 24° annular at 45°
    Illumination Angle
    Light Source Integrated halogen lamp
  • OFR d/8°

    The OFR D/8° measuring head is designed for non-contact reflection measurement of glossy and scattering samples. The OFR D/8° is part of the accessory program of the diode array systems MCS 500 and CORONA and is optimized for use with these systems.

    It can be used to measure with specular included or excluded.The sample is diffusely illuminated through an Ulbricht integrating sphere. The sphere either contains a halogen lamp or is illuminated by an external xenon flash lamp connected by a fiber. The light reflected by the inside wall of the sphere can be transmitted to a reference spectrometer through an optical fiber. The light to be measured is imaged to an optical fiber connector. It is sent to the sample spectrometer through an optical fiber. The Ulbricht integrating sphere is protected against contamination by a BK7 glass plate.

    Technical Data

    Spectral Range 380 nm up to 950 nm
    Viewing Angle
    Illumination Angle Diffuse
    Sphere Diameter 55 mm
    Effective Measuring Area diam. 10 mm
    Light Source Halogen lamp (OFR D/8°-H) or external xenon flash lamp
  • Measuring Optics

    Measuring Optics for transmission and reflection measurements

    Optics with different images and measurement spot sizes are available. SMA or Zeiss connectors are used for light guide attachment.


    Optic unit with CZ connector

    - parallel beam/ designated working distance 100-300mm
    - Quartz optic
    - Ratio etternity : 1
    - Diameter 20 h8

    Optic unit with SMA connector
    - parallel beam/ designated working distance 100-300mm
    - Quartz optic
    - Ratio etternity : 1
    - Diameter 20 h8