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Transmission Measurement

With their modular design and extensive selection of measuring heads and accessories, the MCS 600 systems offer maximum flexibility for your measuring tasks. Regardless of whether you are performing transmittance or reflectance measurements, or in what wavelength range you want to work, in short order, the measuring heads can be changed and the systems turned around for new measuring tasks. In addition, special accessories for lab analyses ensure that you are always optimally equipped to meet quality assurance requirements in the lab. Simply select the right accessory for your needs:

  • OFT 311

    The OFT 311 Colour Measuring System has been specially designed for non-contact colour measurement of transparent materials and coatings, flat glass or films.

    A beam splitter integrated in the illuminating optics reflects a small part of the xenon illumination into the light guide connected to the reference spectrometer. The major part of the light is projected perpendicularly to the sample surface. Underneath the sample, an Ulbricht integrating sphere is arranged that captures the transmitted light. The light reflected by the inside wall of the sphere is sent through a light guide to the measuring spectrometer. A BK 7 glass window protects the integrating sphere against contamination. Optionally, a halogen lamp can be mounted directly into the unit. This option is useful for applications requiring a higher illuminating intensity. In this case, beam splitting for double beam operation is not possible.  

    Technical Data
    Type Ulbricht Integrating Sphere
    Sphere Geometry
    60 mm
    Measuring Area diam. 15 mm
    Light Source
    Integrated halogen lamp or external xenon lamp
  • Immersion Probes

    Immersion Probes

    Standard immersion probes are ideally suited to laboratory measurements. As with conventional cell measurements, the collimated light beam passes through the solution only once.

  • External Cell Holder

    External Cell Holder

    The external cell holder is useful when the spectrophotometer does not have an internal cell holder or when measurements with cells are to be made at some distance from the spectrophotometer (e.g. in a fume hood).

    The external cell holder can be used with both UV and NIR fibre optics. It can accommodate cells with light paths from 1 mm to 20 mm.

  • Measuring optics

    Measuring optics for transmission and reflection measurements

    Optics with different images and measurement spot sizes are available. SMA or Zeiss connectors are used for light guide attachment.

    Overview Optics