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Reflection Measurement

With their modular design and extensive selection of measuring heads and accessories, the MCS 600 systems offer maximum flexibility for your measuring tasks. Regardless of whether you are performing transmittance or reflectance measurements, or in what wavelength range you want to work, in short order, the measuring heads can be changed and the systems turned around for new measuring tasks. In addition, special accessories for lab analyses ensure that you are always optimally equipped to meet quality assurance requirements in the lab. Simply select the right accessory for your needs:



    ARMOR is an automatic reference measuring head for contact-free in-line measurement on conveyor belts or manufacturing lines. Its automatic reference system permits precise measurement even if there are large distances between the measuring head and the sample material.

    This allows measurements to be performed in areas where an even mound height of the sample material cannot be ensured. The sturdy measuring head in its polished stainless steel housing is suitable for use with the MCS 600. The ARMOR measuring head contains a 50 W halogen reflector lamp supplied by the stabilized power supply unit in the spectrometer housing of the MCS 600. An optical system in the quasi-parallel beam implements sample illumination at 0° (perpendicular to the sample). Sample observation is made at an angle of 10°.

    Spectral Range 380 ...1700 nm
    Illumination Geometry 10°
    Illumination Angle
  • OMK 500-H

    OMK 500

    The OMK 500-H is a reflection measuring head with integrated halogen lamp for the measurement of diffuse reflections. It is used in combination with a customised version of the MCS 500 spectrometer. The applications of the OMK 500-H include on-line colour measurement of textured samples, such as textiles, paper, plastics, etc.

    An optical system provides sample illumination at 0° (normal to the sample) in a quasiparallel beam. 15 individual optical fibres are uniformly arranged in a ring for sample observation at 45°. The fibres are bundled and connected to the spectrometer through a fibre connector. A double beam arrangement is provided by a second optical light guide that directs the light directly to the spectrometer (not via the sample).

    Spectral Range 380 nm up to 900 nm OMK 500 -H
    400 nm up to 2400 nm OMK 500 H - NIR
    Viewing Geometry 15 x 24° annular at 45°
    Illumination Angle
    Light Source Integrated halogen lamp
  • OFR d/8°

    OFR d/8°

    The OFR D/8° measuring head is designed for non-contact reflection measurement of glossy and scattering samples. The OFR D/8° is part of the accessory program of the diode array systems MCS 500 and CORONA and is optimized for use with these systems.

    It can be used to measure with specular included or excluded.The sample is diffusely illuminated through an Ulbricht integrating sphere. The sphere either contains a halogen lamp or is illuminated by an external xenon flash lamp connected by a fiber. The light reflected by the inside wall of the sphere can be transmitted to a reference spectrometer through an optical fiber. The light to be measured is imaged to an optical fiber connector. It is sent to the sample spectrometer through an optical fiber. The Ulbricht integrating sphere is protected against contamination by a BK7 glass plate.

    Spectral Range 380 nm up to 950 nm
    Viewing Angle
    Illumination Angle Diffuse
    Sphere Diameter 55 mm
    Effective Measuring Area diam. 10 mm
    Light Source Halogen lamp (OFR D/8°-H) or external xenon flash lamp
  • Measuring head 10°/10°

    Measuring head 10°/10°

    The 10°/10° reflection measuring head is designed for reflection and color measurement of coated, transparent samples. It is specially suited for measuring low reflection coatings on monitors, glass and films.

    Its design allows layer reflection to be measured, with the backside reflection being largely suppressed.the measuring head and the sample material is approx. 180 mm. The 10°/10° reflection measuring head, which is connected to the modular spectrometer unit by fibers, is placed directly on the substrate. A halogen lamp is used as a light source. The sample is illuminated under 10°. Light from the halogen lamp is transmitted to the reflection measuring head and the reflected light by the sample is guided to the measuring optical fiber.

    Spectral Range 380 ...2200 nm
    Illumination Geometry 10°
    Illumination Angle 10°
    Measuring Area diam. 1mm
  • Probe for diffuse Reflection

    Probe for diffuse Reflection

    The reflection probes are especially suitable for measurement of diffused reflection in the Vis and NIR range with diode array spectrometers.
    The spectrometric measurement of the diffused reflection is a powerful tool for qualitative and quantitative analysis of powdered or granuled solids and compounds.

  • ATR Probes

    ATR Probes

    ATR means “Attenuated Total Reflection”. Light passing from a material with high refractive index (ATR crystal) to a material with lower refractive index (solution) is normally totally reflected. ATR probes are suitable for situations involving the direct measurement of strongly absorbing solutions, where standard transmission probes cannot be used.

  • Optics

    Measuring optics for transmission and reflection measurements

    Optics with different images and measurement spot sizes are available. SMA or Zeiss connectors are used for light guide attachment.

    Overview Optics