Measurement of diffuse reflection in the food industry

ARMOR with MCS 611 NIR

  • Introduction

    Increasing production output in the food industry demand high product quality and require 100 % traceability of all raw materials and other ingredients. Therefore, new measurement and analytical methods are needed, which guarantee uninterrupted product analysis in the manufacturing process. The aim is to achieve consistent product quality while ensuring the whole manufacturing process is fully documented.

    The ZEISS ARMOR measurement probe in combination with the spectrometer system MCS 611 is used for incoming goods inspections, production preparation, product manufacture (mixing processes etc.) and final product inspection. This system, with NIR-technology, measures the quality of ingredients and parameters lsuch as, fat, protein, water, sugar and acid in real-time. It analyzes the material at the beginning of the production chain or during the preproduction stage – when it is still possible to exert a direct influence on the final quality.

  • Benefits
    • Valuable accessory for MCS 611
    • Versatile applications due to wide wavelength range from 450 to 2150 nm
    • Flexible sample presentation at distances between 100 and 240 nm
    • Results unaffected by sample height variations
    • Serial internal referencing for reliable, precise and reproducible results
    • Suitable for humid, hot and dusty environments (Splash water and dust proof for online applications)
    • Stainless steel design for the food processing industry
    • Carefree long-term operation in various production environments such as blenders or conveyors
    • Simple and convenient lamp replacement without adjustment
  • Technical Data
    Spectral range  950 - 1,690 nm (NIR 1.7)
    910 - 2,150 nm (NIR 2.2)
    on request     (VIS + NIR)
    Sample distance  100-240 nm 
    Measuring geometry  0° illumination; 10° viewing 
    Integration time  20-50 ms 
    Measuring spot 30 mm
    Power supply for internal lamp 50 W, stabilized
    Lifetime of halogen lamp 3.000 h
    Fibre connections SMA
    Diameter / height / weight 235 mm / 490 mm / 17 kg
    Internal protection standard IP 65
    Range of operating temperature  5-65° C 
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