ZEISS CORONA® PLUS 45 NIR Spectrometer


The compact class spectrometer system

  • Introduction

    ZEISS CORONA® PLUS 45 NIR Spectrometer is an industrial reflection and transmission measuring head for applications in the VIS/NIR range. The sensor unit is ideal for incoming goods inspection and moisture monitoring in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors as well as in the food industry. The system can be used for ingredient measurements and todetermine the concentration and homogeneity of components during mixing procedures. With its integrated spectral sensor and micro computer, it is designed for online measurements in rough environments to assure the quality and control the processes.

  • Highlights


    • Wavelength range for measurements up to 2.2 μm
    • Polychromator measuring head featuring a 0° / 45° circular measuring geometry
    • Fast and reliable data transmission even under rough conditions
    • Increased resolution and sensitivity, shorter measuring times
    • Longer service life of the light sources in the NIR range
    • Low noise and outstanding linearity through the use of latest electronics
    • Less thermal build-up environments through reduced power consumption, leading to better stability



  • Design
    • Micro processor integrated into the controller (ECCU)
    • Implementation of various polychromator types via plugboard
    • Ethernet connection and wireless LAN if required
    • Dual-beam configuration enables correction of long-term changes in the internal system components
    • Intensity spectra can be compared with the spectra of the measuring beam path
    • Electrical shutter to switch between the channels
    • Measuring head with a 12 V / 20 W halogen lamp
    • 12-24 V SELV power supply
  • Technical Data
    Technical data
    CORONA PLUS 45 NIR 1.7
    Polychromator PGS (Plane Grating Spectrometer)
    Measurement range 950 - 1.670 nm
    Mean Spectral Pixel Pitch 3 nm
    Spectral resolution < 10 nm
    Wavelength accuracy < 1 nm
    Wavelength reproducibility < 0.1 nm
  • Video