Spectroscopic performance and flexibility


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  • Introduction

    With the MCS 600 process-tested spectrometers perform even the most challenging measurements in the UV/VIS/NIR spectral regions quickly, efficiently and precisely.

    The cost-effective MCS 600 systems feature the time-tested, modular principle of the MCS 500 series with a number of major enhancements. Highlights of the new design include an increased signal-to-noise ratio, improved wavelength accuracy and an intelligent housing system, allowing different UV/VIS/NIR spectrometers to be directly combined for the very first time – covering the spectral range from 190 to 2200 nm. Additionally, the MCS 600 sets a new standard for data processing through robust communications with peripheral systems and databases employing protocols such as OPC. Customers will also enjoy excellent ease of use thanks to specially tailored software packages such as processXplorer. The result: utilizing one instrument, customers can simultaneously record high quality spectra from a variety of spectral regions, multiple probes and external sensors with a single, modern process monitoring interface.

  • Highlights

    MCS 600 – Spectroscopic performance and flexibility

    • State-of-the-art optics and electronics
    • Outstanding performance in photometry, noise, linearity
    • Wide range of spectrometer and lamp modules
    • Extremely stable, microprocessor controlled light sources
    • Innovative housing system providing high versatility
    • Modular design with intelligent diagnostics
    • Superb ease of operation, maintenance and servicing
    • Industry standard interfaces (Ethernet, Wireless LAN)
    • Comprehensive selection of accessories
    • Multiple system versions to accommodate a variety of applications
    • Interoperability with third party chemometric software packages.
  • Design
    • Spectrometer housing
      Spectrometer housings
    • Spectrometer cassettes
      Spectrometer cassettes
    • Lamp cassettes
      Lamp cassettes

    A MCS 600 spectrometer system consists of individual, impeccably matched components. The new MCS housing forms the basis of the system The housing comprises a controller unit (ECC) with master processor and back plane utilizing a plug-in interface to effortlessly mate spectrometer and lamp cassettes. 

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