ZEISS MCS 600 - Housings

Powerful analytical technologies are gaining importance in process applications. Here, spectral measuring techniques in the UV/VIS/NIR regions offer excellent versatility, particularly for in-line analyses.Zeiss offers tailored integration solutions for our spectroscopic systems within special housings– adapting instrumentation for the actual environment in which it is used. This entails a variety of protective housings including GMP and Eexp housings for particularly demanding environments as well as ATEX or NFPA certifications.

The housing comprises a controller unit (ECC) with master processor and back plane utilizing a plug-in interface to effortlessly mate spectrometer and lamp cassettes. The ECC features an Ethernet connection and, if desired, also communicates via Wireless LAN. The special benefits of the new housing system include not only its lower power consumption, but also the possibility of accommodating up to 4 spectrometer cassettes in a single housing.