The future of spectroscopy is in the cloud

Knowledge is power and accessible to all.

Smart, flexible and ready with real-time data - connected spectrometers provide users with near instant insights into production processes and product quality. ZEISS is the first company to offer such an innovative spectroscopy solution. It connects to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform, allowing a spectrometer, such as a Corona process, to send its data straight to a central repository. This gives
users unparalleled access to important quality measurements. The information are available to all the individuals responsible for monitoring and optimizing production, speeding up decision making and making processes more efficient and effective.

Facilitating the connected factory

Real-time spectroscopic measurement and data upload to the cloud is part of the move towards a ‘connected factory’. Also known as ‘Industry 4.0’, this involves using new and innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence, automation and data sharing and connectivity to help production processes deliver higher quality, while being safer and more efficient at the same time.

ZEISS has been at the forefront of these developments in connected production and manufacturing with its measurement solutions. Real-time spectroscopic analysis allows you to be proactive in process optimization, leading to consistent quality and productivity.

Better data means better quality

Measure salt and moisture content in snack products in seconds. Or determine protein, oil and fiber levels in distillers dried grains for ethanol production and optimize raw material quantities. This can now be done remotely through cloud-based access. You can address any issues affecting quality almost immediately, as opposed to common processes where this could take anywhere between several minutes to hours.

Quick reaction to process variations helps you increase quality and productivity, while using raw materials and energy in a more efficient way at the same time. This means that you can provide your clients with better quality products more consistently – and that makes sense for your bottom line.

By integrating a connected spectroscopy solution directly into the production line, clients can measure quality indicators such as fat content, moisture, or salt content in a matter of seconds. This information then goes to the cloud and the client can react quickly to process variations, increasing quality and productivity, while using raw materials and energy in a more efficient way at the same time. In short: they gain an advantage by consistently delivering quality like never before.

Dr. Christian Korth, Managing Director of Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH

One fast solution – countless applications

Connected spectroscopy

ZEISS spectrometers provide industry-leading measurement quality in a robust, reliable and flexible package. Regardless of whether your measurement needs are on the production line, in the field or elsewhere, connection to the cloud can improve your ability to control your production processes and the quality of your raw materials, products and ultimately, your relationships with your clients.

Corona process with potato chips

Customer feedback

Thanks to intelligent and connected spectrometers such as the ZEISS Corona process, the Australian snackfood company Majans Pty Ltd can now easily measure salt and moisture content in snack products in mere seconds. This means that any issues affecting quality can be addressed almost immediately, as opposed to older processes where this could take anywhere between several minutes to hours.

The ZEISS Corona process does not only help us to take immediate action on near real time quality exceptions, it also helps us provide targeted training and feedback to our teams.

Amit Raniga, Director of Majans Pty Ltd

(Video: © Microsoft) | Australian snackfood company Majans Pty Ltd measures salt and moisture content in snacks with ZEISS Corona process

ZEISS at Hannover Messe 2019

Exhibition review

Hannover Messe

All industrial megatrends at a single venue

At Hannover Messe 2019 visitors had the chance to experience the future of connected spectroscopy in action. A live measurement of important quality indicators of potato crisps awaited them. Thanks a lot to every visitor for interesting expert discussions. 

(Video: © Microsoft) | Optimize Digital Operations with ZEISS Spectroscopy Solutions

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