ZEISS Hunting

The mobile App for expert hunters.

Now available

ZEISS Hunting App featuring ballistics, hunting diary, weather and maps! Now available for Android and iOS.



All your informations at a glance.

ZEISS hunting is especially intuitive to navigate - launching the app takes you to the dashboard, where you will find a quick preview and access to the main functions - a powerful ballistic calculator, the hunting diary complete with photos and GPS-functionality, and a detailed weather forecast. It shows all essential tools at a glance and is fully customizable.


Precise calculations for an expert short.

The detailed ballistic calculator lets you determine exact ballistics for expert long-rangeand angled shots. Precisely determine properties of different cartridges, bullets and loadings, and see how toadjust your aim for current atmospheric conditions to deliver an expert shot even at longrange. Ballistic properties can be calculated for any caliber, cartridge and bullet combination -selected from a comprehensive database comprising 5000+ entries. Muzzle velocity and ballistic coefficient (BC) are filled in automatically or recalculated basedon measured velocities. For calculating handloaded cartridges, all data can also be introduced manually.For ballistic calculations, current GPS-localized atmospheric data is automatically loaded - and can be updated and recalculated anytime.


Log and save your hunting adventures.

The same goes for ZEISS Hunting's diary function: an indispensable tool to document your hunting adventures, feats and observations. Every shot, sighting and kill, or any other occurrence in your hunting ground can be recorded in all detail in a diary entry - including photographs and GPS data. A multitude of parameters are available to classify observed specimens: you can select from an extensive species list, define weight, age and sex and add observations. Shots can be GPS-tagged by defining shooter and target positions on the map, whereby shot distance is calculated automatically. Further parameters at your disposal to document your shot include shot placement and the specimen's escape distance. With every entry, current weather data is stored along with the photos, specimen and shot information - letting you reproduce the prevailing conditions at the time of the event at any later time. Diary entries are shown in chronological order and can be filtered by event type. Additionally, all entries are shown on the map, giving you a rapid overview of your hunting grounds. Naturally, diary entries can be placed on the app's dashboard for quick access.


Weather data for reliable planning.

Weather forecast is geared to data especially relevant for hunting, letting you plan ahead for optimum conditions and determine the best time for a hunting trip. Weather conditions for your current location are shown by default - for a customized forecast, locations of your preferred hunting grounds can be added. When selecting a new location, the app automatically localizes the closest available weather station. Forecast can be shown in hourly progression or alternatively in a five-day overview, displaying relevant data such as temperature, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind direction and wind speed. Solunar information includes sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset, lunar phases and moonlight brightness. On the dashboard, a quick weather preview is shown alongside the other main functions.

Hunting App Video Tutorial

Third party scope

How to setup a third party riflescope in the ballistic calculator.

Hunting App Video Tutorial

Organize diary

How to organizse your field notes.

Hunting App Video Tutorial

New forecast location

How to add a new forecast location.

Hunting App Video Tutorial

New diary entry

How to create a new field note.

Hunting App Video Tutorial

Handload ammunition support

How to setup handload ammunition for the ballistic calculator.

Hunting App Video Tutorial

GPS tagging

How to set shooter's position and target position on the map.

Hunting App Video Tutorial

Fahrenheit to Celsius

How to change the temperature units from Fahrenheit to Celesius.

Hunting App Video Tutorial

Customize dashboard

How to customize your dashboard.

Hunting App Video Tutorial

Change language

How to change the language of the Hunting App Interface.

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