Practical accessories for ZEISS riflescopes

Precise, safe and quick

For safe transport, simple sighting in or even easier handling - the accessories for ZEISS riflescopes offer you many possibilities.

ZEISS Flip-Cover

for VICTORY V8 1.8–14x50 / 2.8–20x56 and VICTORY HT 2.5–10x50 / 3–12x56

Riflescopes have to stand up to many different external influences during hunting. Whether it is exposed to rain, snow or dust – the functionality of your riflescope must never be impaired. To guarantee that this is the case, ZEISS has now developed the new flip covers. The new riflescope flip covers perfectly protect the lens in any weather. The high-quality lens cap is screwed onto the lens filter thread and can be locked in any position, making it ideal for both left and right-handed shooters. The new ZEISS flip cover is precisely tailored to the requirements of hunting and will impress you with its long service life. During a hunt, the flip cover can be operated reliably, quickly and quietly. The field of view is in no way impaired by the flip cover.

Bullet drop compensator


The bullet drop compensator (ASV or ASV+) from Carl Zeiss is probably the most intuitive ballistic solution on the market- easy to use and exceptionally precise. The knob normally used to adjust the height is replaced by a non-slip adjuster ring with a distance scale. Before taking your shot simply turn the ASV to the measured distance - and aim accurately. It has never been easier to overcome the problem of long-range shooting.


Throw Lever

for the Victory V8 as well as Conquest V6 and V4

For fast magnification changes when speed is a critical factor.