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It is often the little hints and tips that make everyday life easier. Our experts offer you advice on your optics.

The fine difference: ASV and the improved version ASV+

The bullet drop compensator (ASV or ASV+) from Carl Zeiss is the most accurate ballistic solution on the market. It is accurate because it is so simple and intuitive to use. Measure the distance, compensate for the bullet drop on the turret and take accurate aim. It's as easy as that! With a greater range of ballistic curves and quicker changing of the distance scale on the turret, the new bullet drop compensation ASV+ is the solution to the growing range of modern hunting applications and offers more precision than ever before.


Brightness that sets new standards

A high percentage of light transmission describes what is perhaps the most important feature of any binoculars or riflescope: the brightness of the image. Carl Zeiss is the world's market leader when it comes to image brightness in optics. The hunting optics made in Wetzlar deliver brilliant, high-contrast images even in the most challenging of light conditions. This means that you can shoot for much longer and even take the perfect shot in difficult light conditions.


Care of the Optics

Modern ZEISS binoculars, spotting scopes, and riflescopes are extremely robust and protected reliably against dust and moisture. This makes them very easy to care for; in particular, this applies to the glass surfaces on the ZEISS Victory products with their hard, water and dirt-repellant LotuTec® coating. Nonetheless, several points should be observed to ensure the performance over many years and decades.



Range is what it is all about – whether it's on the hunt, on the golf course or in landscape surveying. With laser rangefinder technology, Carl Zeiss offers an innovative measurement system which quickly and precisely determines distances and detects even small objects at great range. One hunter asked a question that gave us an opportunity to explain this technology in more detail.


Diopter Compensator

Have you ever given thought to the fact that your eyes probably don’t have the same ability to see? Our ZEISS binoculars enable you to mechanically adjust this difference of left and right eye, which means the binoculars function as a diopter compensator. Read more instructions here: