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  • ZEISS Binoculars for Nature Observation


    ZEISS offers a broad range of binoculars in all price ranges and for all applications because binoculars should always be tailored to the individual needs of the user. The offering covers lightweight and practical pocket binoculars that are on hand in the outdoors or on vacation, high-performance binoculars for the demanding requirements of birdwatching, and larger models for nature and wildlife observation in the twilight.


    Thanks to their light transmission of 95%,VICTORY HT binoculars are outstanding for nature obervation. They feature the highest transmission among the premium binoculars. This not only helps you in the twilight, but also delivers key details during the day when objects are hidden in the shadows and low-contrast areas.


    The CONQUEST HD provides particularly clear high-definition color rendition and perfect ergonomics, and is a trusted companion for nature-watching. At the near range from 1.50 meters, they create impressive images of butterflies, dragon flies and other insects.


    The TERRA ED line opens the door to the lifestyle world of ZEISS. With its wide fields of view, a near range of 1.60 meters and low weight, it provides the ideal foundation for any observation situation in the outdoors and is an outstanding value for the money.


    Choose from our wide variety of products. ZEISS binoculars combine maximum quality, innovation and decades of experience. Take the ZEISS philosophy with you into nature and see for yourself.

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