The premium optics in pocket format ZEISS Victory Pocket

Victory Pocket 10x25

Optical high performance in pocket-sized format

Whether you are strolling in the park or on a long walking tour, you can always enjoy birdwatching and observing the natural world. With this featherweight giant in pocket-sized format, the Victory Pocket offers you high-performance binoculars from ZEISS for virtually all observation situations. Thanks to their lightweight and compact format these binoculars even fit in a small jacket pocket, and are so light that you will hardly know they are there.

The new Victory Pocket promise high performance in all kinds of outdoor applications. Despite their amazingly light-weight construction, their high magnification and FL-lenses with ZEISS T* multi-layer coating help them to deliver brilliant image quality. The asymmetrical folding makes it particularly compact. The LotuTec® coating that ensures that water drips right off them and dirt can be removed without a trace.

  • Features

    Impressive optics

    ZEISS T* multi-layer coating

    Be sure not to miss a single bird and at the same time enjoy the wealth of detail, the colours and the brilliance of the natural world. In order to ensure that you still enjoy the same observation quality, the Victory Pocket binoculars have outstanding imaging performance, and naturally, also benefit from the low light capability of the ZEISS T* multi-layer coating. The optical performance of these binoculars is rounded off by the field of view, which is exceptionally wide for its class. Such features make these binoculars not just perfect for casual birdwatching but also give you a greater and more detailed insight at events, in cities or when travelling in the great outdoors.

    Handy and compact

    Use with one hand

    The Victory Pocket binoculars fold up to save space and are designed to be used easily with one hand, which means that they are always ready to use. Simply keep them handy in your bag. When you are birdwatching in steep, rugged terrain or engaged in outdoor activities, it can be a huge advantage to be able to use the binoculars with just one hand as you can use your other hand to steady yourself.

    Robust and waterproof

    High-quality materials

    The fact that they are always at hand enables them to be used in extreme conditions. The design of the Victory Pocket focuses in particular on the use of high-quality materials. Naturally, the binoculars are 100% waterproof and filled with nitrogen, so that even extreme changes in temperature will not cause any internal misting up. The rubber armour makes these binoculars robust and shockproof, and offers the first line of protection for the high-performance optics inside.

    Innovative lens coating

    LotuTec® coating

    Water simply rolls off the lens as if from a duck's back. This is due to the LotuTec® coating on the lens and eyepiece. The fact that water simply rolls off and no dirt can collect on the surface of the lenses means that you can spend less time cleaning and more time birdwatching.

  • Technical data
    10 x
    Effective lens diameter
    25 mm
    Exit pupil diameter
    2.5 mm
    Twilight factors
    Field of view at 1.000 m
    105 m
    Apparent field of view
    60 °
    Close focus
    1.9 m
    Diopter adjustment range
    +3 | -3 dpt
    Exit pupil distance
    16.5 mm
    Pupil distance
    34-74 mm
    Lens type
    LotuTec® / Nitrogen filling
    yes / yes
    Water resistance
    100 mbar
    Operating temperature in °C
    -25 / +63 ºC
    112 mm
    Width at an interpupillary distance of 65 mm
    100 mm
    290 g
    Order number
  • Accessories

    ZEISS Lens Cleaning Kit

    This practical belt bag made from high-quality material contains everything you need to care for your lens equipment:

    • Air blower
    • Dust brush
    • Lens cleaning solution (30 ml)
    • Microfibre cloth (18 × 18 cm)
    • 10 moist cleaning wipes
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    Victory Pocket


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