ZEISS magnifying visual devices for professional users

ZEISS Professional Magnifying Glasses and other Visual Devices

Customer’s ergonomics in focus for the best possible visual outcome.

Many activities of your customers, for example in the field of medicine, require extremely high levels of precision. Often even a few fractions of a millimetre can mean the difference between success and failure. Particularly in the fields of dentistry and surgery, customers value the benefits of professional magnifying glasses and other optical systems that allows them to perform precise or intricate work with greater ease.

  • Precision work with greater ease
  • Precise vision
  • Adapted to customers' needs

ZEISS Magnifying Visual Device family

Devices that allow your customers to see and work better.

ZEISS Magnifying Visual Device family

Professional products

Ergonomically designed for the best possible vision.
The professional magnifying range consists of three groups:

  • ZEISS Teleloupe Spectacles G2.5 / K bino TTL
  • ZEISS Teleloupe Spectacles GTX
  • ZEISS EyeMag Pro F and S

With this product range at your disposal you are able to offer your customers glasses that are tailormade for close work and other similar needs. ZEISS professional magnifying glasses are available as fully-adjustable additions for regular spectacle types or as headband magnifiers. This provides the user with extra flexibility and leaves your customers’ hands free to do what they do best. Both solutions offer the ideal magnification power to appropriately enhance vision in their specific area of application.

ZEISS Teleloupe Spectacles

Personal spectacles for close focus.

ZEISS Teleloupe spectacles combine optimal optical- and technical features with maximum individuality and outstanding wearing comfort for your customers. Wearers can adapt it precisely to suit their personal needs. Meropia, individual parameters, magnification and working distance have been considered in every system. The small size of the system helps your customers to orientate themselves well in their immediate surroundings.

ZEISS Teleloupe Spectacles

ZEISS Teleloupe Spectacles G2.5 TTL

ZEISS Teleloupe Spectacles G2.5 TTL

  • Galilean teleloupe system with 2.5x magnification.
  • Working distances: 350 / 400 / 450 mm.
  • Large field of view (fields of view: 75 / 85 / 95 mm).
  • Individually matched to specific requirements.
  • Relaxed work without strain.
ZEISS Teleloupe Spectacles K bino TTL

ZEISS Teleloupe Spectacles K bino TTL

  • Kepler-type teleloupe system with magnification from 4.2x to 10x.
  • Working distances: 180 – 450 mm.
  • The optical systems are mounted in the carrier lenses.
  • Distortion-free and high-contrast image quality.
Spectacle lenses with a lace and ZEISS Teleloupe Spectacles mounted directly on the lenses.

ZEISS Teleloupe Spectacles GTX

  • Galilean teleloupe system with 2x or 2.5x near magnification.
  • Working distances: 300 – 500 mm.
  • Compact, lightweight design.
  • Head-worn loupes that must be fitted by an eye care professional.
  • The system is mounted in a holding ring, cemented onto glass or plastic lenses of any prescription.
  • Mountable in any stable frame.

ZEISS EyeMag Pro F and S

Advanced visualisation for professional applications.

ZEISS Head-worn Loupes can be used for binocular, stereoscopic near vision for customers that are working in medical- and technical applications. Height, positioning and inclination of the optical systems can be adjusted via the respective connecting components on the support. The PD is set via the folding bridge of the system. If required, the teleloupe system can be swung out of the field of view and then returned to the working position again.

  • Binocular Kepler-type teleloupe systems with magnification from 3.2x to 8x.
  • Working distances: 190 – 500 mm.

ZEISS EyeMag Medical Loupes

ZEISS Head-worn Loupes with adjustable headband. The teleloupe system is mounted via a swivelling attachment.

ZEISS EyeMag Pro S

  • Mounted on support S (headband).
  • Outstanding wearing comfort.
  • Adaptable to optimally fit any head shape.
  • The lens guard protects the optical systems against splashes and damage.
Spectacle lenses with a lace and ZEISS Head-worn loupes mounted on the frame.

ZEISS EyeMag Pro F

  • A spectacle frame with straight sides and an elastic headband.
  • Available in different frame sizes.
  • The frame can be glazed with lenses of any prescription.

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