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relax with yoga

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Open your eyes – relax with yoga

Relax with yoga - we visited yoga teacher and photographer Wanda Badwal in her adopted home of Bali and, with her guidance, dived into the fascinating world of yoga.

Yoga has long shed its image of a quaint and exotic hobby. In the past few years it has almost become a global culture that is no longer seen as a routine of stretching exercises and poses. Yoga is now a lifestyle that impacts every facet of modern life.

We visited yoga teacher and photographer Wanda Badwal in her adopted home of Bali. As a photographer, she captures the island's exceptional beauty and as a yoga teacher, she helps others to bring body and soul into perfect harmony. We joined her in exploring the island and diving into the fascinating world of yoga. Yoga unites body and soul and influences both positively, including our sense of perception, our vision and our eyes.

Yoga changes our perception. It transforms the way we see the world. Various exercises allow us to relax both body and soul. Wanda Badwal has shown us how she perceives and enjoys the beauty of Bali.

Locations shown by Wanda Badwal
Locations shown by Wanda Badwal

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Together with her student Alana, Wanda Badwal tried out three exercises that relax the head and neck areas.


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