Did you know …

… that there are spectacle lenses that make you look better and see more clearly than conventional lenses?

Part 13: Did you know …

… that there are spectacle lenses that make you look better and see more clearly than conventional lenses?

Lens coatings transform plastic lenses into everyday masterpieces, making them hard, dirt-resistant and easier to clean. But that's not the end of the story. Good anti-reflective coatings are equally essential. That's because they help you see better and look better by reducing irritating reflections on both sides of the lens. Many spectacle wearers already enjoy the benefits of these coatings – but the Premium AR coating from ZEISS takes things to a whole new level. 

Is blue better than green?

The production process used to apply individual coatings leaves a slight residual reflection colour in the lens. This is not a tint, and it is barely noticeable at first glance. You can see the residual reflection – which is normally green – by holding your spectacle lenses under a light source and looking at the resulting reflection on the lens surface.

ZEISS decided to optimise this situation by developing a manufacturing technique which makes it possible to give the residual reflection a slightly bluish tinge – something that offers outstanding benefits for spectacle wearers.

The benefits of the Premium coating from ZEISS

The barely perceptible bluish residual reflection increases the amount of light the lens transmits to your eyes. On top of the reduced reflectance – increasing the amount of light transmitting to your eyes – the remaining bluish residual reflection can be noticed much less by the observer than the standard green AR coatings. The result is far more cosmetically attractive. Your eyes look more natural, almost as if you're not wearing spectacles at all. So you can look into each other's eyes without distractions! 

Optical advances for better looks

Outstanding anti-reflective properties with DuraVision® Premium coatings

Most coated lenses in the market currently come with a green residual reflection. DuraVision® Premium coatings by ZEISS have a light bluish residual reflection for:*

Clearer vision

Higher luminous transmittance for even clearer vision.**

Clearer vision

Cuts distracting reflections on the back surface by 20% for more comfortable, clearer vision.**

A better appearance

Reduces reflections on the front surface by 20% for a better appearance.**

* Depending on the lens material, measured on 1.5 (CR39) lenses with DuraVision® Platinum (internal testing)
** Comparison with standard green AR coated ZEISS lenses

A better appearance

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“Hardly any scratches – even after 18 months wear and gardening work.

That’s because ZEISS lenses with DuraVision Platinum made the difference.”

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My ZEISS lenses with DuraVision Platinum are superb. I’ve been wearing them for the past 18 months and they’re still relatively scratch-free. It’s really amazing! My old lenses had really bad scratches and the coating was already starting to peel off. That’s certainly not the case with DuraVision® Platinum. And I even wear my spectacles when I’m out gardening.

Dr. Thomas Hueck,
Spectacle Wearer, Germany

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