ZEISS Sun Protection Lenses

ZEISS Tinted and Sun Protection Lenses

Enjoying the sun without regrets

In the world of tinted lenses, ZEISS is known for its precise range of tints and technologies used on high quality products.
The range of functional colours available from ZEISS covers special outdoor applications and provide maximum sun protection and enhanced visual contrast.

Better safe than sorry

When exposed to high levels of UV light, the eyes need effective protection to prevent such disorders as conjunctivitis or snow blindness. While UV radiation in large cities is decreased by smog and exhaust fumes, it is increased by the strong reflection of light on bright, sandy beaches or on water. UV exposure is also higher at high altitudes, and if freshly fallen snow is also present, up to 80% of the UV radiation is reflected.

All ZEISS sun protection lenses therefore provide reliable protection against UV radiation.

A pair of sunglasses protect the eyes not only against UV radiation, but also against glare. Glare reduces the clarity of our vision and can even lead to eye irritation and headache. If, as in Skylet® sunglass lenses
from ZEISS, the blue portion of light is more strongly absorbed, a marked increase in contrast can additionally be achieved. This results in comfortable, clear vision with astounding contrast.


Lens Colours

The solid, graduated and bicolour tints in the plastic lens portfolio from ZEISS provide wearers with an extensive range of colours to choose from. Seeing well and looking good are what every wearer ultimately wants.

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Sport Lenses

Wrapped lenses for sport frames offer clear optics and protection from dust the nose to the temporal side.

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Umbra Coating

Umbra is a high quality absorption coating with light reduction levels of 25, 75 or 85%, applied to one side of glass lenses in a vacuum deposition process.

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Skylet® sun protection lenses have been specially designed for situations in which greater protection is required from UV light and glare, and special demands are made on contrast at the same time.

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Polarised Skylet®

Thanks to the colour-enhacing effect of Skylet®, Polarised Skylet® not only reduces glare and hence increases safety, but also offers excellent colour rendition.

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As golf is an outdoor sport, golfers often find that glare from the sun impairs their game. This is precisely the reason why glasses with ProGolf sunglass lenses should be part of any golfer's standard equipment.

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