ZEISS Skylet

ZEISS Sport Lenses

Wrapped lenses for sport frames offer clear optics and protection from dust the nose to the temporal side.

For the 79% of consumers who wear sunglasses for outdoor activities, we can offer more than just UV protection. From leisure activities to performance sports, extreme light conditions outdoors means protecting lenses from the elements while ensuring amazing optics for wrapped frames to provide excellent dynamic vision.

  • Design

    The active leisure look
    Wrapped sunglasses are functional and stylish and provide protection from all sides against UV rays and the elements like wind, glare and water. For a touch of trendiness, add one of the four active DuraVision Mirrors:

    • DuraVision Mirror Green
    • DuraVision Mirror Red
    • DuraVision Mirror Silver
    • DuraVision Mirror Strong Blue

    DuraVision Sun anti-reflective on the inside of the lens provides the ultimate finish for even greater visual performance.

    Functional tints with something extra
    For sports addicts the right gear is a must. And the right sunglasses are essential. Specific functional tints for Rx can help improve performance: Pro-Golf for golfing, Skypol fun for water sports and many more.

    The darkest tints for extreme conditions

    We offer lenses with over 90% light absorption for extreme light conditions, such as on glaciers, to provide ultimate protection.

  • Benefits

    The benefits for the wearer

    • Reduced edge thickness with Cosmetic Edge® Technology for ZEISS Sport lenses.
    • A stylish look with the DuraVision Mirror active colors
    • Functional tints: for specifi c activities and for extreme light
  • Details

    Wrapped Lenses with Cosmetic Edge® Technology

    • ZEISS Cosmetic Edge Technology reduces the edge thickness in minus lenses by up to 30% in high prescription lenses
    • Choice of frames: there's a fit for every frame thanks to very large lens diameters, variable decentration and flexible base curve selection.
    • Excellent peripheral vision due to a fully-compensated optic design.
    • Tailored lens designs from single vision to progressives, with great compensation for aberrations caused by lens tilt.
    • Shaped to keep light and elements from entering the eye at all angles.
    Regular wrapped lenses

    Regular wrapped lenses

    ZEISS Sport lenses with Cosmetic Edge® Technology Edge thickness reduced by up to 30%

    ZEISS Sport lenses with Cosmetic Edge® Technology Edge thickness reduced by up to 30%

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