Monthly Replacement Lenses

Monthly Replacement Lenses by ZEISS

Easy handling and high wearing comfort

"Day 30" stands for 30 days wearing comfort and excellent vision, from early in the morning to last thing at night.

The Ocufilcon D material with its 55% water content allows for an excellent oxygen supply to your eyes and, with its outstanding water retention capacity, ensures that even after long wearing periods your eyes never feel uncomfortable and dry - even in air-conditioned rooms. The material is also extremely strong and the contact lens keeps its shape very well, which makes handling them child's play.


ZEISS Contact Day 30 Air

Well balanced material characteristics (modulus 0.42 and Dk/t 76) ensure excellent wearing comfort. The high water content determines the low modulus and good wettability.

ZEISS Contact Day 30 spheric

ZEISS monthly replacement lenses with extensive range of powers for daily wear.

ZEISS Contact Day 30 toric

Toric ZEISS monthly replacement lens for daily wear.

ZEISS Contact Day 30 colours

Coloured ZEISS monthly replacement lenses available in 8 different 1 or 3 coloured iris prints. The colour particles are enclosed in polymer.


Extremely compatible and effective all-in-one ZEISS solution for all soft contact lenses.

ZEISS contact lenses are produced and distributed by the firm Wölkh

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