ZEISS Multifocal Lenses

ZEISS Multifocal Lenses

Classical Product Solutions for Presbyopes

Bifocal-/ Trifocal lenses provide presbyopes with clear vision for two or three different ranges, usually for distance, intermediate and near vision.
With a segment in the lower area of the lens, a bifocal or trifocal displays two  or three different dioptric powers.


Bifocal CT 25 / CT 28

Bifocal spectacle lenses - now true classics - are available in different main materials - e. g. as higher-index glass lenses, as photochromic lenses or as light plastic lenses, and with different segment sizes depending on the visual zone required.

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Bifocal R 22

ZEISS Bifocal Classic Aphal R 22 1.5 is a plastic, aspheric and lenticular bifocal which has been specially designed for aphakia and high hyperopic powers.

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The trifocal lens ZEISS Trifocal Classic S728 1.5 provides the wearer with excellent vision not only for near and far, but also for intermediate distances from approx. 45 cm to 80 cm.

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