Digital networking:
7 trends

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Digitalization has changed many things.

We’ve made a list of the current trends and taken a closer look.

Apps, platforms and features that have emerged as a result of digitalization are now part and parcel of our everyday lives. The following list shows the current major trends.

Specialized apps are replacing Facebook

Facebook has been the leading international social network for several years now. However, this medium is now losing ground to specialized apps. Instagram, for example, has already left Facebook far behind when it comes to photography.

Specialised apps are replacing Facebook


Since Facebook allowed chatbots to be added to its Messenger service, these have become almost indispensable in brand communication. These bots will increasingly perform customer service and routine processes in the future.


Media libraries & streaming services

Linear TV channels are no longer state of the art. Our modern lifestyle requires flexibility and personalized viewing times. Netflix, Hulu and the one-demand libraries of TV channels offer individualized viewing at any time of day.

Media libraries & streaming services

Voice control: Siri, Alexa & co.

After Siri received a very modest reception by the public, Amazon Echo is now making inroads into our living rooms. "Alexa," the name of the artificial intelligence integrated into Amazon Echo, generates shopping lists, sets the alarm clock and plays your favorite music – all via voice command.

Sprachsteuerung ­ Siri, Alexa und Co.


Each day every human body generates countless points of data that can be easily evaluated by leading-edge technology. Wearables and smartphones allow for the constant monitoring of various bodily functions. This lets us keep a constant eye on our health.


Virtual reality

People's awareness of virtual reality is steadily increasing, primarily due to the popularity of virtual reality glasses. Special input devices even enable interaction with the virtual world. This is definitely one of the biggest trends that we will see in the near future.

Virtual Reality

Augmented reality

Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality is what could be described as "mixed" reality. This means that objects can be simulated, then visualized in relation to the real world. One of the most prominent example of this is Pokémon GO.

Augmented Reality

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