Digital and visual – how modern media promotes education

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Digital and visual – how modern media promotes education

In recent years, education has become increasingly digital. We spoke to two experts about the future of education, its opportunities and the importance of visual learning.

An abundance of information is now at the fingertips of nearly everyone. There are more equal opportunities – but does virtually unlimited access also lead to information overload? How do we learn from new education formats?

The following statistics demonstrate just how relevant e-learning has become. We spoke with two experts to get their views on the education of tomorrow, its opportunities and the significance of learning visually.

Size of e-learning packaged content market in 2013 (light red) and 2016 (dark red), by region (in million U.S. dollars); ©<a href="">Statista</a> 2017; Source: Docebo
Size of e-learning packaged content market in 2013 (light red) and 2016 (dark red), by region (in million U.S. dollars); ©Statista 2017; Source: Docebo

Do you speak Babbel?

Learning a new language sounds like a lot of work. But thanks to apps like Babbel, we have the freedom to choose how we learn a language, by completing short units when it suits us. We spoke with Thomas Holl, CTO and co-founder of the language app Babbel, and asked him: What’s the best way to learn? What are the benefits of flexible and digital learning? And what role does visual information play in language acquisition?


Thomas Holl,
Chief Strategy Officer & Founder of Babbel

TED Talks – visual knowledge across the world

TED combines technology, entertainment and design. Originally intended as an innovation conference, TED Talks has since become an international format for knowledge transfer. The short, 20-minute videos have on a range of topics related to science, business and art. Stephan Balzer, TEDx Ambassador for Europe, spoke to us about the secret behind this format, the opportunity to access unlimited knowledge and the visual value of this information.


Stephan Balzer,
TEDx Ambassador for Europe

Knowledge knows no bounds, and that’s why we should also be able to access it freely. Visual elements are key when it comes to understanding. Optical influences and features help us learn more quickly and help things stick.

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Anytime and anywhere – thanks to digitalization.


These days, digital technologies are an integral part of learning and trying out new things.


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