Purchasing glasses is now a digital experience –

a conversation with FRAMEPUNK

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Purchasing glasses is now a digital experience –
a conversation with FRAMEPUNK

These days, digital technologies are an integral part of learning and trying out new things. We sat down with Andreas Ketzlar from FRAMEPUNK, an eye care professional and avid user of digital devices, to discuss how our visual habits have changed.

Our world has gone digital, and most people now use digital devices for multiple hours on a daily basis. This trend has opened up new opportunities for many, including eye care professionals. How are digital tools used during the consultation process? And how do eye care professionals integrate these into their day-to-day work? We sat down with Andreas Ketzlar from FRAMEPUNK in Berlin to discuss how he uses digital media.

FRAMEPUNK, located in Berlin, produces one-of-a-kind glasses. In addition to the conventional frames, they also offer tailor-made designs manufactured using a 3D printer.

But that's not the only way FRAMEPUNK has gone digital: they also use a diverse array of apps. But creating a completely new kind of customer experience also means new challenges for these eye care professionals.

Yutaro Fujiyama (frames designer) and Andreas Ketzlar (eye care professional, B.Sc) from FRAMEPUNK
Yutaro Fujiyama (frames designer) and Andreas Ketzlar (eye care professional, B.Sc) from FRAMEPUNK

How have you gone digital? What digital tools, services or apps do you use?

As soon as we begin consulting with a customer, we capture all relevant data digitally, making the entire process a lot easier. We also use an app from ZEISS called i.demo® to give our customers a better idea of the different lens options available. When I'm not working, I use apps for cooking, to watch football and to listen to music.

What is the most recent example of digital technology helping you learn something new?

I recently watched a tutorial for a program we use to create 3D glasses and visualise them before they are manufactured. We can even display the model we're currently designing with the right texture colour so that the customer has a better idea of what the final product will look like.

Vision determines 90% of the decisions we make.

In your opinion, how important is vision in learning?

We all have different learning styles, and how we process and store information varies from person to person. But clear, comfortable vision is always a must. Personally, I am someone who learns best visually, and every day at work I notice how important it is that we explain things to our customers using visual media.

What are the challenges for our eyes when we use digital devices on a daily basis?

Often our eyes have to focus on objects at the same viewing distance for hours on end – it's not unlike sitting in one position and not moving. Yet, just like our body is designed to move throughout the entire day, our eyes are made to look at different distances. That is why we should vary what we are looking at, whenever possible.

What preventative measures can people take to protect their eyes against digital eye strain?

It's possible to design a special eyeglass lens for any situation. Think of it like buying the right shoes for a particular sport. That's why there are eyeglass lenses and contact lenses for different activities and viewing situations.

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