Finding an Excellent Optometrist

Many people around the world have vision problems. If you are concerned about the health of your eyes, it is time to see an optometrist who will help you restore your 20/20 vision.

If you are already wearing glasses or need to get your first pair, your best option is a professional optometrist. Who is the perfect optometrist for your needs? In this article you will find helpful advice on finding a competent partner to consult if you have vision problems and need individual assistance to find solutions.

Finding an Excellent Optometrist

Many people around the world have vision problems.

Patients who visit their optometrist usually expect much more than a simple sales pitch. After all, the pointof getting a new pair of glasses is to restore clear vision. Consequently, a retail store that distributes glasses should not only have a huge selection of fashionable frames available for you to choose from. What you really need is an optometrist who will take the time to assist you in selecting your optimal, customized visual aid.


How can you determine whether an optometrist offers everything you need? Actually, there are a few simple parameters you can use to see whether your optometrist measures up:


  • The store has a pleasant atmosphere, is well-organized and so attractive that you will want to spend some time browsing.
  • Professional consulting begins with the proper questions. The optometrist should ask you when you will be wearing your glasses predominantly (at work, during leisure time activities, sports, etc.).
  • A professional optometrist will give you detailed insights into the different eyeglass solutions. He or she will point out the importance of good lens quality, which is the most critical component of a good pair of glasses.
  • When discussing the frame, fashion and brand are not the only things to pay attention to. Anatomic aspects are also very relevant: Lightweight and flexible frames that are comfortable to wear and non-allergic materials are just some of the issues to be considered when selecting your individual frame.
  • A good optometrist will also offer you an after-care package, which includes periodic eyeglassinspections, for example.
  • When you pick up your glasses, your optometrist should once again check the vision impression at various sight distances. The pre-aligned frame should also be checked for a comfortable fit before you leave the store. Tip: Check the proper facial fit of the frame in a mirror while you are at the store. The new glasses should not feel uncomfortable on your nose, temples or ears.

Proper Consultation Procedures

Trying on different frames is the best way to find a pair of glasses that look perfect on you. In addition to assisting you with your selection, your optometrist will recommend lenses that meet your needs perfectly.

Once your optometrist receives the finished pair of glasses, he or his optician will make professional adjustments to ensure that it will fit perfectly and not drop down your nose. Nothing is worse than having to wear glasses that do not fit properly and slide around on your nose.

This is particularly critical with progressive lenses. They have to come with a pre-adjusted frame that allows the subsequent determination of the viewpoints so that the wearer can optimally use all vision ranges.

Important: The best way to set up the centering gauges of progressive addition lenses is while the patient is standing and maintaining a natural head and body posture.

A professional optometrist will also be happy to provide you with a copy of your prescription. Our tip: Keep your prescription handy at all times. Should you need to replace your glasses while you are travelling, a local optometrist will be able to use it as a reference to supply you with a new pair of glasses.