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Revealing the secrets behind ZEISS products

The ability to restore natural, crystal-clear vision is nothing short of a miracle. We would like to give you insight into the miraculous world of eyeglass lenses, which can provide you with better vision every single day. Dive into the fascinating world of ZEISS Vision Care and discover what lies behind our products and the ZEISS lens manufacturing process.

Find out more about the technology, quality and benefits of specific lens innovations. "Did you know...?" offers you fascinating glimpses behind the scenes of ZEISS and the development of ZEISS products. Our clear and concise animated features bring ZEISS products to life, and real people recount the personal ZEISS moments they have experienced with ZEISS lenses.

How ZEISS precision eyeglass lenses are made

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The ZEISS Miracle Film

Creating a ZEISS lens requires cutting-edge technology, innovation, precision, and a lot of experience. The ZEISS Miracle Film gives you an idea of the many different stages in a process that ultimately enables people to enjoy natural vision with ZEISS lenses. Discover how your lenses are shaped by precision and technology.

Our Experience with ZEISS

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“As a designer, my success depends on my vision.

That’s why I choose ZEISS quality lenses.”

Bao Xiang, glasses wearer, China

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“The most important thing for me is to improve my patients’ vision.

That’s why I always recommend ZEISS lenses.”

Dr. Mónica Reino, eye care professional, Colombia

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“I want my vision consultation to create a buzz in the city.

That’s why I run a ZEISS Vision Center.”

Juergen Jainta, eye care professionial, Germany

More personal experiences with ZEISS and ZEISS products

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