Did you know …

… that ZEISS Digital Lens helps the wearer’s eyes comfortably use smartphones and other digital devices?

Part 1: Did you know …

… that ZEISS Digital Lens helps the wearer’s eyes comfortably use smartphones and other digital devices?


We encounter the digital world everywhere. Devices like cell phones, PCs and tablets are used for over five hours every day1 – for the eyes, truly a vision marathon. We may not realize how much we switch our gaze back and forth between screens and other objects – until the end of the day when our eyes go on strike due to strained eye muscles, which must constantly refocus between digital screens and the rest of the world. ZEISS Digital Lens has been specially developed to cope with this ocular stress. It‘s the optimum solution for digital device users.

Frequent browsing of digital devices such as smartphones and tablets has become part of our everyday lives, yet it takes a considerable toll on our vision as we get older. Over time, we find it harder to keep things in focus.

What causes digital eye strain?

The more we use digital devices, particularly smartphones, the more we have to switch between focusing our eyes on the display and looking into the distance. This makes the ciliary muscle inside the eye work overtime as it strives to keep our eyes focussed. As we get older and this muscle starts to weaken, the effort required to maintain good vision becomes more and more noticeable. By the time each evening comes our eyes feel tired and strained, and we are more likely to experience tension and headaches.

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So how can ZEISS lenses help?

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ZEISS decided to take a closer look at the new challenges of vision in a digital world by analyzing our posture, the distance between our eyes and the devices we use, and the constant switching of our focus from one distance to another.

The results of this investigation led ZEISS to develop its new ZEISS Digital Lens which is specifically designed to provide more relaxed vision to people aged between 25 and 45 who frequently use digital devices and who suffer from digital eye strain.

ZEISS Digital Lens supports the function of the ciliary muscle inside the eye, which is responsible for keeping our eyes in focus when we look at close-up and distant objects. This helps to optimize our vision as we switch our focus quickly between near and far objects. The lens design features a particularly generous distance zone and provides the eye with exactly the support it needs to look at smartphones, tablets and similar devices. ZEISS Digital Lens can be worn all day long as your main pair of glasses. They are just as suitable for people who are new to wearing glasses as they are for people who have worn glasses for years – and they offer high wearer tolerance right from day one.


1 Online survey of around 800 participants from Germany and Austria conducted by IMW-KÖLN, on behalf of Carl Zeiss Vision International GmbH

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Find out how mobile devices are changing our vision and challenging our eyes.

It's easy when you're young! Up to a certain age our eyes work automatically and quickly adjust to different distances without us even noticing. It feels perfectly natural to look up from checking emails or choosing the next song on our smartphone playlist to greeting a friend in the distance and then immediately looking down again, all with perfectly sharp and clear vision.



Are your Eyes ready for the Digital World?

Do you use your smartphone on a daily basis? Take the free ZEISS Digital Eye Strain Test on your smartphone to find out how well your eyes are geared to the challenges of modern life. Eye strain and fatigue can lead to eye irritation, headaches and neck pain. Perhaps you have already experienced the sensation of tired, strained eyes after a particularly stressful day.


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