Did you know …

… that a ZEISS lens coating – 250 times thinner than a piece of paper – can protect your lenses from wear and tear?

Part 8: Did you know …

… that a ZEISS lens coating – 250 times thinner than a piece of paper – can protect your lenses from wear and tear?

ZEISS coatings are made of up to nine different layers that make your ZEISS lenses extremely tough. These layers not only protect your lenses, but also eliminate irritating reflections, repel dust and make them easier to clean – and all despite a thickness of less than half a thousandth of a millimeter. That’s 250 times thinner than a piece of paper.

Coatings ensure that lenses can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life. They must provide the lens with anti-reflective and anti-static properties, enable easy cleaning and repel water. Most importantly, however, the lens must be as durable as possible. This is all provided by DuraVision® Platinum – at the very highest level.

What modern lenses with DuraVision® Platinum offer:

Easy Care

... thanks to basic anti-static and easy-to-clean properties.

Clearer vision and a better appearance due to reduced reflections

... thanks to 20% fewer irritating reflections (comparison with standard green AR coated ZEISS lenses).

Superior hardness for tough and scratch-resistant lenses

... thanks to nine layers densely packed by ion bombardment.

How does ZEISS succeed in producing lenses with this outstanding hardness?

The coating of every DuraVision® Platinum lens consists of nine ultra-thin layers: first, the base lens receives a hard coating, followed by various anti-reflective coatings including an ant-static coating, and then finally by the Clean Coat layer. This topmost layer seals the lens and creates a perfectly smooth surface, making the lens easy to clean and enabling dirt and moisture to bead off.

However, the extreme hardness of DuraVision® Platinum can be achieved only with a special coating technology. The lenses are repeatedly bombarded by special ions during the production process. These transfer their kinetic energy to the lens and optimally compact the layers into one single coating. This ensures optimum adherence of the individual layers to each other. The result is a lens surface that is three times harder than the previous generation of ZEISS plastic lenses*. It is this very smooth and hard surface that makes the lenses more durable, dirt-resistant and easy to clean.

*ZEISS lenses with DuraVision® Platinum technology in 1.67 compared to LotuTec in 1.67.

See better and look better

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One lens coating plays a key role in how well you see and how good you look: the anti-reflective coating. New coating technology is therefore used for the DuraVision® Premium coatings Silver and Platinum. This is discernible from the blue residual reflection that you can see if you hold the lens at an angle against a white background. Every lens with an anti-reflective coating displays this residual reflection, which is green in many traditional lenses.

For its Premium coatings, ZEISS uses a blue color which is more complex to produce, but allows more light to reach the wearer's eyes – a definite benefit for better vision. Reflections are reduced on both the front and back surfaces of the lens.

“Hardly any scratches – even after 18 months of wear and gardening work.

That’s because ZEISS lenses with DuraVision Platinum made all the difference.”

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“My ZEISS lenses with DuraVision Platinum are superb. I’ve been wearing them for the past 18 months and they’re still relatively scratch-free. It’s really amazing! My old lenses had really bad scratches and the coating was already starting to peel off. That’s certainly not the case with DuraVision Platinum. And I even wear my glasses when I’m out gardening.”

Dr. Thomas Engel
Glasses wearer, Germany

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