Did you know …

… that ZEISS sun lenses are available in an unlimited spectrum of colors?

Part 9: Did you know …

… that ZEISS sun lenses are available in an unlimited spectrum of colors?

There are only three primary colors, but when mixed they create the amazing range of colors we see around us. Like nature’s palette, ZEISS sunglass lenses come in an unlimited selection of colors and can be matched to your favorite outfit – or your mood. Pick a favourite color to match your new shirt or a fashion trend – or simply choose a timeless classic, and let ZEISS do the rest to create your unique sun lenses.

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See the world in living color!

Sunglass lenses protect us against glare and harmful UV radiation. However, more than any other type of lens, they are also a fashion accessory and can be real eye-catchers! And it's not only the frame that counts; sunglass lenses must also meet the dictates of fashion! This is where ZEISS can fit the bill every time.

ZEISS sunglass lenses can incorporate practically any prescription. Polarizing lenses prevent reflections in an astonishing way. For sports glasses, ZEISS offers wrapped lenses which – regardless of whether they are single vision or progressive – provide maximum visual comfort right into the lens periphery. Last but not least, self-tinting lenses are the first choice for wearers who want the ultimate in visual comfort in all light conditions.

And, of course, real fashion fans attach prime importance to the tint of their lenses – perfectly matched to the frame and to their own personal style and outfit. At ZEISS the sky is the limit when it comes to lens tints! You can order your own personal tint for your sunglass lenses – whether it is simply your favorite color, the color you find most comfortable for your eyes, or one that best matches a special outfit. Then you will have something very unique. Practically any color is now possible with the ZEISS range of colors that is sharply focused on current trends and styles. All you need to do is take a color sample with you to your eye doctor and discuss with them how light or dark you want that tint to be. They will send this color sample along with your prescription to the lab so our experts can know what your color choice is for your tinted lenses.


It doesn't matter whether you want lenses with or without prescription. If you would love to buy a pair of sunglasses but you don't like the color of the lenses, your eye care professional can show you the ZEISS range of colors for you to choose from.


10 tips for tinted lenses from ZEISS

  1. As fascinating as vibrant colors may be, unless you plan to own more than one pair of glasses, less is more when it comes to color. Choose a muted or neutral color and you will have glasses that match many different outfits.

  2. The best thing to do is go to your eye care professional wearing your favorite outfit, which will help him or her to find the perfect color and tint. Once you decide what color you want your lenses to be, make sure you have a sample of the color for your eye care professional to send in with your prescription to the lab.

  3. You should also choose a light tint if you plan to wear your eyeglasses frequently or for extended periods. The sensitivity of your eyes to light also plays a part when choosing colored lenses.

  4. When selecting colors, women should apply their usual eye make-up beforehand and choose the tint accordingly. This makes it easier for your eye care professional to recommend suitable tints.

  5. Colors can also influence the way we feel. Looking through red prescription eyeglass lenses gives you added strength and stamina; yellow lenses put you in a good mood. What is your personal choice?

  6. Select the color you think best matches your frame – and not just its color, but also its overall style. Try something unusual –like combining a retro frame with an ultra-modern color, for example. Be courageous!

  7. Why not change your image by adding a little new color to your life? Do you have a favorite pair of frames? New, colorful lenses for them can really rev up your look.

  8. Are your tinted lenses for the weekend only, or are they part of your professional look? For models or designers, the colors simply can't be loud enough. However, if you sell stock or insurance, pink eyeglass lenses might be too outlandish. Colors create impact.

  9. Tinted lenses have more than good looks: they increase contrast, prevent reflections and glare and, with the right prescription, they provide you with better and more comfortable vision. Consult your eye care professional and find the best solution for your sunglasses. Maximum UV protection is an absolute must.

  10. Your sunglasses must also be able to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life. So make sure your lenses feature a modern, wear-resistant coating. Plastic lenses with a DuraVision® Platinum coating are up to three times harder than previous generations. Extremely resistant to dirt and wear, this leading-edge coating is the perfect addition to any sun protection solution.

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"I recognize athletes wearing 'my' tinted lenses."

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We have many different customers who opt for ZEISS because the brand stands for precision optics. This is especially true for our sporting customers. For example, lenses for archery ensure that the bull’s eye is always plain to see each and every time, enabling the wearer to perform at his or her best. And when I see a sportsman wearing sunglasses with one of my tints, I’m really proud and think to myself: 'That’s all from me!'

Sabrina Malnati,
ZEISS Product Management

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