Did you know …

… that an individual’s optimum prescription varies from day to night?

Part 2: Did you know …

… that an individual’s optimum prescription varies from day to night?

A prescription can vary due to pupil dilation or contraction. i.Profiler®plus measures how light rays travel through the optical system of your eye at up to 1,500 points and determines a vision profile of your optical performance with an accuracy of 1/100th of a diopter. As your prescription can vary during the day and night due to contraction or dilation of your pupils, i.Scription® by ZEISS can take this variation into account: it uses the measurements from the i.Profiler®plus and a patented algorithm to provide you with an optimized prescription and customized lenses for better vision both day and night – and all with enhanced color vision, too.

Night and twilight vision presents our eyes with a special challenge. Driving at night confronts our eyes with more glare from sources like oncoming traffic. Many people find this problematic and even try to avoid driving in the dark. It is true that our visual performance may differ during the day and at night. But not every eye test takes our night vision into account. Leading-edge technology from ZEISS, the ZEISS i.Profiler®plus, can reveal differences in the performance of our eyes from day to night. ZEISS i.Scription® lens technology can incorporate these measurements in the lens design to provide enhanced daytime and night vision – and greater safety, too.

How can night vision be measured objectively?

Subjective refraction, the procedure performed by your eye care professional to determine your prescription, is conducted in daylight. Patients must play an active role and describe what they see with the various test lenses. Their pupils are contracted due to the daylight conditions. In other words, only the patient's daytime vision is taken into account during the measurement.

However, the measurement performed with the i.Profiler®plus is objective. The patient looks into the measuring system for a very short time only. In a matter of seconds, the wavefront technology analyzes 1,500 measurement points and maps the retinas of the two eyes. And that is not all: the two eye profiles also show how well the eyes perform with dilated pupils, and thus how well they see at night. Visual defects which the experts call "higher-order aberrations" and which can impair our vision are also detected and analyzed.

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The 1,500 individual measurements are incorporated in the production of the lens along with the values measured during the subjective refraction. In this way, individualized lenses featuring i.Scription® technology are produced which considerably improve our night vision, as well as our perception of contrast and color.

“When you feel ‘Wow, this is the way distance vision
is supposed to be’.

That’s when you are wearing ZEISS Lenses with i.Scription® Technology.”

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“My favorite i.Scription moment had to be the first time I put the glasses on my own eyes. I was pretty impressed how right away I could see so clearly in the distance. So that was kind of an eye opener and then my receptionist got hers before I did and she said the same thing.”

Dr. Jeffrey Frank,
Eye care professional

ZEISS Lenses with i.Scription Technology

"… for a better quality of life."

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“As one of the inventors of i.Scription®, I’m always delighted when a customer writes to thank us for the better quality of life he is now enjoying.”

Jesús Cabeza,
ZEISS Product Management

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