True Partnership Matters More Than Size.

reliability MADE BY ZEISS

Eye care professionals across the optical landscape are challenged to successfully manage through the constant changes within our industry. In all areas, our ways of working are shifting, and business relations are being redefined.

ZEISS Vision Care is one of the world’s leading suppliers of eyeglass lenses and ophthalmic equipment, and a global partner for digitalization, innovation and services within the optical marketplace. We are committed to advancing future markets, to contributing to the success of our optical partners, and to continuing our pioneering role as a leader in optics - a role we have held since 1912.

ZEISS – A Partner for Now and the Future

Does size matter? Recent changes within our industry might make one think so. At ZEISS, we believe that true and reliable partnership matters much more than size. ZEISS stands for trust, innovation, a strong brand strategy and world-renowned expertise in optics and ophthalmology.

We stick to our promise: To be a true partner for our customers. We do not compete with them, or directly enter into the competitive business arenas that they occupy. We do not sell directly to patients, period.

We are here to work alongside our customers, supporting their growth and ensuring their future business success. Simply stated: our success is wholly dependent on the success of our customers.

ZEISS supports its customers with everything they need for the success of their business: a unique and strong brand; products, devices and applications for a digital world; dispensing tools and instruments; marketing and sales support; and business concepts. ZEISS helps you stand out, innovate, face future challenges - and achieve your goals.

Keep Your Eyes Wide Open When Choosing A Business Partner

Whichever optical supplier you choose to partner with and trust, please make a considered choice. We’d like to remind you what we stand for:

ZEISS Vision Care is focused on supporting its customers and ensuring their business future growth and success. It is a single and unique brand that does not compromise its partnership offering with second-tier products or direct sales to patients.

At ZEISS, everything we do is designed to ensure our customers’ success. We are partners, not competitors. And we believe that reliability and true partnership matters more than size.

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