ZEISS Family of Products

ZEISS Family of Products

In addition to eyeglass lenses, ZEISS optical innovations are found in everything from Nobel Prize–winning scientific research to cutting-edge video technology. Here’s how ZEISS technologies are shaping the world.

Binoculars and Riflescopes

ZEISS riflescopes and binoculars help you close the distance with the sharpest views, whether you’re on the hunt or in the stadium.

Camera and Cinema Lenses

Camera and cinema lenses from ZEISS capture life in vivid color, whether you’re making an Oscar-winning film or taking postcard-perfect photos of your vacation.

Video Glasses — cinemizer

ZEISS cinemizer glasses give you a big-screen home theatre experience — including 3D capability — from your mobile device.


Planetarium projectors from ZEISS offer sharp and realistic projections of the starry skies.

Medical and Surgical Solutions

ZEISS precision instruments — surgical microscopes, diagnostic tools, and loupes — help health practitioners harness cutting-edge technologies to help treat their patients.


From bioscience and industrial labs to the classroom, ZEISS is one of the world’s leading providers of microscopy and imaging solutions.

Electron/Ion Microscopes

ZEISS electron microscopes offer excellent integration of imaging and analysis, whether your focus is on research or quality inspection.


ZEISS cutting-edge optical and e-beam solutions help clients in the nano and semiconductor fields research and create the next wave of microtechnology.

Industrial Metrology

State-of-the-art sensors and measuring machines can be customized to suit any industrial application.


ZEISS spectrometers allow agricultural, food, and chemical companies to maintain the highest levels of quality control.


ZEISS surveillance, tracking, and imaging technologies enable defense and security professionals to stay in control of every situation.