The ZEISS Analysis

There’s nothing quite like the ZEISS Analysis process. Our innovative set of steps, including an assessment of your patient’s individual profile — combined with comprehensive measurement technology — will help provide your patients with the lens options for their individual needs. Here’s how the ZEISS Analysis process can help you differentiate your practice:

  • A simple, five-step methodology that’s easy to use and can be accomplished quickly.
  • Provide your patients with a truly comprehensive vision analysis, which leads to a precise, individual lens solution.
  • Patient education tools that help you guide patients through eyeglass options, such as lens types, materials, coatings, and treatments for sun and glare protection — and how premium upgrades will look and perform. This allows you to help your patients make more confident eyewear choices.

The ZEISS Analysis process allows you to incorporate innovative diagnostic and dispensing technology from ZEISS, including i.Profilerplus® (Patent) and i.Terminal® 2. Each element contributes to creating a better vision experience for the patient.

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