ZEISS Celebrates 100 Years of Vision Care

For 100 years, the ZEISS name has been synonymous with better vision, with a heritage that dates back even longer, to 1846. Building on the company’s earlier optical expertise, ZEISS turned its sights to vision care and, by 1912, produced its first precision eyeglass lenses — Punktal®.

At the turn of the century, people wearing glasses had to turn their heads to compensate for the blurry vision they received from their eyeglasses, since they only had clarity through the very center of the lens. For the first time, Punktal® from ZEISS made it possible to see clearly even when the person was not looking straight ahead. Punktal® offered a solution to a significant problem and resulted in a major advance in vision correction.

A proud tradition of providing better vision continues

The year 2012 marks the beginning of the second century of ZEISS precision lenses and service to the eye-care community. Today, Carl Zeiss Vision remains committed to ensuring optimal vision with customized vision solutions, and high-quality precision lenses, diagnostic products, and professional practice support.

Ensuring the best possible vision

Our goal today, as it was 100 years ago, is to partner with eye-care providers to ensure patients have the best vision possible. In pursuit of that goal, our patient Web site emphasizes the importance of routine eye examinations by an eye-care professional. We have also invited patients to take advantage of the ZEISS Online Vision Screening.* This easy-to-use tool provides a quick vision check to help viewers determine if an eye exam with an eye-care professional is in order.

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