The moment you can keep your eye on the ball, not the smudges.



Precision lenses from ZEISS provide exceptionally sharp vision. But harsh glare from digital devices, night driving or environmental obstacles such as a dusty room could compromise your patients’ vision — and potentially damage their lenses. ZEISS has the solution.

ZEISS invented anti-reflective technology over 75 years ago, and has continued to developed unique technologies to help ensure that your patients see their best and their lenses are protected — no matter what life throws at them.

Talk with your patients and let them know that ZEISS lens coatings are available to protect their eyes and their lenses.

  • Design

    Anti-Reflective Technology
    Lenses without anti-reflective technology develop visible light reflections that can be dangerous when driving on wet roads or at night. The anti-reflective technology in ZEISS PureCoat® PLUS helps reduce reflections to less than 1% of the light — compared with 7% to 13% for uncoated lenses.

    Scratch-Resistant Technology
    Plastic lenses help make glasses lighter and more comfortable, but they’re much more prone to scratches than glass lenses. The high-quality, scratch-resistant technology in ZEISS PureCoat® PLUS helps keep lenses from getting scratched.

    Anti-Static Technology
    Dirt and dust can cling to traditional untreated lenses, blurring your vision. But the patented anti-static element in ZEISS PureCoat® PLUS helps repel contaminants like dust and debris.

    Hydrophobic Technology
    Grease or droplets of water can slide off the surface of lenses treated with this super-slick coating, so the lenses are quicker and easier to clean. ZEISS PureCoat® PLUS provides superior super-hydrophobic performance that keeps the lenses clean longer.

    Easier Edging
    ZEISS SureGrip™ technology dramatically reduces the slippage problems found with many of today’s super-slick lens coatings, so uncut lenses can be edged more easily and effectively.

  • Benefits

    Benefits for the wearer

    1. Very easy to clean
    The Super-slick Clean Coat or hydrophobic layer makes the lenses very easy to clean. Lenses with a high contact angle repel oil and water more effectively.

    2. Robust
    ZEISS lenses with PureCoat® PLUS AR coating are more durable lenses as they are equipped with a hard lacquer to protect the substrate.

    3. Dirt-resistant
    Thanks to a patented anti-static layer, dust and lint do not stick to the surface easily.

    4. Anti-reflective properties
    The anti-reflective technology and the blue reflex color of ZEISS PureCoat® PLUS helps reduce reflections to less than 1%.


  • Details
    ZEISS PureCoat® PLUS provides the optimum coating for eyeglass lenses

    ZEISS PureCoat® PLUS provides the optimum coating for eyeglass lenses

    Surface and coating structure

    • Pre-treatment and compression through ion bombardment
    • Optimization of internal stress

    Hard coating

    • Optimally adapted to the base lens material and the coating structure
    • Strengthened by nano-particles

    PureCoat PLUS anti-reflection coating

    • Residual reflection with discreet, blue color
    • Very low reflectance
    • Excellent transparency of over 99%

    Clean Coat

    • water-repellent
    • dirt-repellent
    • oil-repellent

    Multilayer lens

    The perfect multilayer lens coating

    Coating structure of ZEISS PureCoat® PLUS

    1. Hard coating, reinforced by nano-particles
    2. Adhesive layer with optimized formula
    3. PureCoat PLUS anti-reflection coating, proven multilayer structure with outstanding clarity
    4. Clean Coat, extremely smooth, revolutionary hydrophobic performance

    Leading technology, six times over

    • Innovative nano-technology
      Pre-treatment of lens surface through ion bombardment
    • Totally new production equipment
      An investment totaling millions of dollars
    • Unique know-how
      Developed exclusively for and by ZEISS, the inventor of the AR coating for eyeglass lenses
    • Proprietary coating design and material
      Over 80 years of experience combined with space age materials
    • State-of-the-art production processes
      New washing processes, new surface treatment
    • Revolutionary Clean Coat
      Smooth coating surface providing unparalleled hydrophobic performance

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