ZEISS Lens Colours

ZEISS Lens Colors

Where fashion meets function

Eyeglasses are also a fashion accessory that underlines the personal style of the wearer. Seeing well and looking good are what every wearer ultimately wants. This applies not only to normal Rx lenses for everyday wear, but also to sunglass lenses and spare pairs of eyeglasses.

The solid, graduated and bicolor tints in the plastic lens portfolio from ZEISS provide wearers with an extensive range of colors to choose from.


Benefits for the wearer

  • A selected choice of colors and absorption levels in both, solid and graduated tints.
  • Tint range available on indices 1.5 and polycarbonate
  • 100% solar UV protection for all colors with light reduction over 30%
  • All tinted lenses can be combined with additional extras like Mirrors.

Range of Tints

Customised Tints

Customized Tints

All plastic lenses (index 1.5 and polycarbonate) can be tinted to sample, whether it is the color of your car, your favorite jacket or of your bike: ZEISS can personalize your lenses according to your color wishes.

ZEISS Lens Colour, Solid Tints

Solid Tints

There is a wide variety of colors available for solid tinted lenses to match your patient’s individual preferences. Sunglass lenses are offered in absorption levels ranging from light 10% up a dark 85%. Most patients will request standard grey, brown and green. Contact your ZEISS representative for a sample book of our most commonly requested colors.

Graduated Tints

Graduated Tints

In addition to solid tints, dip technology can also be used to produce graduated tints, in which the level of light reduction decreases continuously from the top to the bottom of the lens. Sunglass lenses with graduated tints are particularly suitable for applications where the light conditions change when the wearer raises his eyes. They are therefore very suitable for driving: when the wearer glances at the dashboard, he looks through the area of the lens with only a light tint, while the darkly colored, top part of the lens protects him from glare when looking at the road ahead.