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Productivity & Efficiency

Over the past few decades, the introduction of innovative technologies has revolutionized the way we collect and process information. Nowadays, data can be transferred from one device to another with the click of a button, making processes faster and error-free.


ZEISS, as one of the pioneers in technology, offers systems able to manage data such as patient measurements and lens ordering through i.Com 3.


These enable streamlining of your workflow in a completely paperless process all across your practice – from the refraction room to the sales floor. Reduce errors from manual data transfer and overtime in the back office as this is all done automatically with a few clicks. A paperless workflow environment allows for space saving, reducing the need for filing cabinets and manual file searches. Service and online updates for all connected ZEISS instruments ensure optimal performance and usage. Your full attention can be directed to your patient, as data management is done automatically. For practices handling more that 30 patients a day, productivity and efficiency tools are key.


Connectivity to all leading optometric EMR software systems

ZEISS digital refraction technologies can be wirelessly integrated with nearly all of the leading EMR software systems for optimum practice management and performance.  

The wireless integration of ZEISS refractive equipment with tools for other parts of the eye exam as well as the subsequent lens consultation and fitting into the leading EMR software systems creates streamlined and efficient treatment and consultation.

The simplicity and user-friendliness of the equipment offers a faster and more comfortable patient experience.

In addition, it offers the ability to simplify the process and save optical staff time while decreasing the likelihood of data entry errors.

ZEISS technologies are the ideal tools for digital refraction, with iPad touch screen control, enabling all measurements to be integrated into the entire practice flow process. The software integration moves data captured from ZEISS pretest and exam instruments into the appropriate EMR software test fields with the push of a button.

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i.Com mobile by ZEISS: Streamline your workflow – capitalize your conversation flow

Mobile communication is key to the consultation process in a modern practice. ZEISS i.Com mobile is a versatile, easy-to-use application for iPad which transforms your workflow, information processes and communication with your patients.

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i.Com 3 – The network-capable ZEISS communication software

i.Com 3 – second generation – is the network-capable communication software for all tasks relating to connectivity, measurement, consultancy and ordering.

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Dr. David Kaplan. OD Family Eyecare of Glendale

Dr. David Kaplan, USA