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i.Com 3

The network-capable ZEISS communication software


i.Com 3 –is the network-capable communication software for all tasks relating to connectivity, measurement, consultancy and ordering.

  • Highlights

    Installed on a high-capacity server, it stores all the information collected in the sales process and ultimately forms the basis for the ordering process and the production of the eyeglasses. Data is available at every workstation with the click of a button. Full connectivity between all ZEISS instruments allows you to structure your workflow and upgrade your practice.

    Remote updates, ensure the smooth performance of the i.Profiler®plus and i.Terminal®2. Your data is protected by RAID system (double hard disk) with high security. i.Com 3 easily interfaces with most common PMS.

    i.Com 3 is an essential partner for i.Terminal® 2 as it enables direct operation on a PC screen. i.Profiler®plus and i.Com 3 streamline your workflow, as data can be easily imported for quick i.Scription® lens determination.

    i.Com 2

    Facts at a Glance

    Customer data management

    • i.Profiler® plus data is easily imported to i.Com 3 with the click of a button.
    • Access all patient measurement data from i.Profiler® plus and i.Terminal® 2 via the i.Com 3.
  • Technical Data
    Physical Data, i.Com 3 server  
    45 x 41 x 45 cm
    Weight 8 kg
    System requirements High speed internet access
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