Simple and convenient intraocular pressure measurement as part of a holistic eye care exam


The ZEISS VISUPLAN 500 is a non-contact tonometer to provide professional glaucoma care.


  • Highlights

    ZEISS VISUPLAN 500 enables you to provide easy glaucoma screening simply via a soft air puff – without contacting the eye or requiring anesthesia.

    Ease of use

    ZEISS VISUPLAN 500 is intuitive to handle with an automatic measuring process that is easily controlled via touchscreen.

    A test air puff prepares your patient for the subsequent examination.

    Fast and reliable examination

    A stable headrest and LED fixation allow for a fast and reliable examination of your patient’s intraocular pressure. The automatic positioning and measurement make sure your measurement results are repeatable and comparable. The results are directly displayed on the screen.


    Benefits at a glance: 

    • Automatic positioning and measurement
      Auto-tracking of the probe allows you to quickly and easily find the right position and initiate the measurement.
    • Soft puff of air for more comfort
      The ZEISS VISUPLAN 500 makes the measurement of intraocular pressure gentler and more comfortable for your patients. The non-contact measurement uses one or more puffs of air. Patients at risk of glaucoma can be quickly and reliably identified.
    • Stable headrest and reliable LED fixation
      The headrest easily moves, allowing for simple positioning of the patient. The integrated LEDs help patients intuitively fixate, enabling a fast and reliable measurement. Simply move the headrest to measure the second eye.


  • Technical data

    The key benefits for you

    • You identify patients at risk quickly and reliably
    • You receive accurate measuring results regardless of the user
    • Your staff can take the measurement
    Technical and physical data
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    270 x 501 x 359 mm
    10.9 kg
    Power frequency
    50/60 Hz
    Power consumption
    60-85 VA
    100-240 V
    Protection class
    Instrument type B (DIN EN 60601-1)
    Measuring range 7 to 60 mmHg
    Monitor 5.7” LCD TFT
    Printer Thermal Printer
    Printer paper Thermal paper
    (width: 57 mm, roll diameter: 50 mm)
  • Details
    User Interface

    Intuitive user interface to control the patient’s position.

    User Interface

    Featuring measurement histogram to monitor the overall distribution.