ZEISS Progressive Lenses Classic

The moment your eyes are in sync with your digital world.

ZEISS Progressive Precision Pure.

ZEISS Progressive Precision Pure.

Pure vision with enhanced performance for the digital world.

ZEISS Progressive Pure

Digital devices like mobile phones and tablets have changed the way we live, work and play. But they’re also challenging our vision like never before. We hold digital screens at a higher angle and closer to our eyes than books and newspapers. Eye movements are faster and more dynamic, rapidly refocusing between near vision and far.

Today presbyopes need a progressive lens that gives them outstanding vision in the real world and the digital world. ZEISS Progressive Precision Pure meets both needs with ZEISS Digital Inside technology and full Rx customization – supported by ZEISS Precision Technology for enhanced clarity, faster refocusing and optimal lens aesthetics.

  • Technology

    ZEISS Progressive Precision Pure.

    Optimized for the eyes


    Optimized for the eyes

    Digital Inside® Technology.

    Digital Inside Technology is a new approach to lens design that accounts for the typical reading position of digital devices. The near zone is extended vertically and horizontally for comfortable reading of all media – printed materials, computers, cell phones and tablets. Patients enjoy natural head and body posture without struggling to find clear focus for reading hand-held devices.

  • Benefits

    Benefits for the wearer

    • More comfortable digital device usage
    • Up to 40% wider fields of view
    • Faster refocusing and good dynamic vision all day long
    • Thin and lightweight lenses


  • Details

    Progressive lens optimized for conventional reading behavior:
    The near vision zone and inset are adjusted for the reading distance required for printed materials like books and newspapers.

    Progressive lens not optimized for digital reading behavior:
    The near vision zone is not compatible with the shorter, higher reading distance needed for digital devices, resulting in an unnatural head and body posture as wearers attempt to view digital devices through the near vision zone.

    ZEISS Progressive Precision Pure responds to this new challenge with enhanced vision for the digital world

    ZEISS Progressive Precision Pure with Digital Inside Technology optimizes vision for both conventional and digital reading needs:
    With a wider, deeper near zone, wearers can comfortably read both conventional and digital materials without physical or visual strain.