ZEISS Single Vision Aspheric

ZEISS Single Vision Aspheric

The Classic Plastic Lens with an Aspheric Surface Design

Thanks to its rotationally symmetrical, aspheric front surface, ZEISS Single Vision Aspheric displays a flatter front curvature and excellent visual quality. It is therefore visibly flatter and thinner than a ZEISS Single Vision lens with the same power, especially in the plus range.

ZEISS Single Vision AS is recommended for eyeglass wearers with high prescriptions who want cosmetically attractive, lightweight lenses with improved optics.

  • Design
    Spherical aberration

    Spherical aberration

    Correcting the spherical aberration

    In spherical lenses peripheral rays are more strongly refracted than rays near the optical axis. This aberration is known as spherical aberration.

    The eyeglass lens wearer will perceive this aberration as blur, especially when not looking through the optical center of the lens.

    Aspherical Surface Design

    Aspheric surface with uniform flattening

    The solution: Aspherical Surface Design

    If the surface of the lens is "folded open" in the peripheral areas so that the surface structure deviates from the spherical shape (aspherical surface), all rays coming from the distance meet again at one point. The aberration is corrected.

    A positive side effect of this flattening is that it leads to thinner and lighter lenses. This effect is most evident with high plus powers. In this case, the reduction of the center thickness also leads to a reduced magnification effect (eyes look more natural).

  • Benefits

    Benefits for the wearer

    • In plus range, up to 20% lighter and thinner than ZEISS Single Vision Sph
    • Aspheric surface design for outstanding visual quality
    • Flatter front curvature than non-aspheric or non-atoric lenses
    • Eyes are less magnified than with traditional lenses
    • High resistance to breakage (very suitable for sports and children’s glasses)
  • Details

    ZEISS Single Vision AS 1.67

    ZEISS Single Vision AS 1.67 is an extremely thin single vision lens in the range of plastic lenses available from ZEISS. It is extremely light and a very special lens in many ways.
    In 1997, ZEISS was Europe’s first manufacturer to succeed in polymerizing a plastic lens with the super-high index 1.665 for batch production. Only by polymerizing the material ourselves is it possible to provide lenses made of the high index plastic material with the proven surface know-how of ZEISS – whether it is the special asphere for single vision lenses or the progressive design of ZEISS Progressive Individual 2.

    Recommended power range: Medium to high myopia from sph -3.00 D to sph -10.00 D. Low to medium hyperopia from sph +2.00 D to sph +6.00 D

    ZEISS Single Vision AS 1.60

    ZEISS Single Vision AS 1.60 is a high index plastic lens with an aspheric surface design. This combination results in flat, thin and light lenses which provide excellent visual quality. ZEISS Single Vision AS 1.6 is recommended for patients with high prescriptions who want cosmetically attractive, lightweight lenses.

    Recommended power range: Low to medium myopia from sph -2.00 D to sph -6.00 D. Low to high hyperopia from sph +1.00 D to sph +7.00 D

    ZEISS Single Vision AS 1.50

    With the introduction of ZEISS Single Vision AS 1.50, ZEISS extended its range of plastic single vision lenses even wider. ZEISS Single Vision AS 1.5 is a lightweight lens made of the time-tested material CR 39 which offers even more benefits than ZEISS Single Vision Sph 1.50.

    Recommended power range: Low myopia from sph -1.00 D to sph -3.00 D. Low to medium hyperopia from sph +1.00 D to sph +5.00 D.

  • Product Availability

    1.74* Super High Index      
    1.67 High Index  
    1.60 High Index
    1.59 Polycarbonate      
    1.50 Hard Resin

    *Stock lenses, only available in clear.