ZEISS Single Vision Individual

ZEISS Individual® SV

The customized single vision lens

ZEISS Individual SV embodies the entire, outstanding technological know-how and optical excellence of ZEISS. As a result this lens offers outstanding visual quality for the lens wearer. Absolutely top-class, totally individualized.

The combination of the optical expertise of the eye care professional, the professional measurement of all personal data and an optimization process precisely tailored to the needs of each individual wearer results in a level of individualization that will immediately impress the wearer – individualization which is symbolized by the personal engraving on the lens.

ZEISS Individual SV is for all single vision eyeglass lens wearers who want premium optical quality for their eyes.

  • Design

    Unique vision – because each wearer's eyes are unique.

    Unique Vision

    Individualized for every power
    Only optimization for every individual power can ensure that the wearer always enjoys outstanding ranges of vision. This is particularly important for higher cylinder powers and prismatic prescriptions.

    "Real time" optimization

    To achieve the optimum design for every wearer, each lens design is calculated online by the ZEISS optical design software engine, using the wearer’s exact prescription and his or her individual position-of-wear parameters, immediately prior to fabrication.

    Freeform production makes it all possible
    Carl Zeiss is a pioneer in the field of freeform technology for progressive lenses. This production method is also used for ZEISS Individual Single Vision  in order to transfer the design optimized for each individual power directly and precisely to the surface of the lens.

  • Benefits

    Benefits for the wearer

    • Optimum vision in all directions
    • Excellent vision right to the edge of the lens, even with high prescriptions
    • Outstanding wearer tolerance, even with high cylinders and prismatic corrections
    • Superb visual clarity and color perception
    • Relaxed vision with minimum eye fatigue and natural contrast sensitivity
  • Details

    Precision without compromise:

    Exactly the power measured during refraction

    The measured powers have a very special function: they ensure that the eyeglass wearer receives exactly the needed power measured during refraction, even when looking obliquely through the lens.

    The measurement is performed in the measuring circle. The measured value is exactly computed for this point of the lens. This results in deviations from the ordered power which is adapted to the centering cross; i. e., it is calculated for the point on the lens where the wearer looks into the distance.
    In addition to the ordered powers, these measured powers are shown on the lens packet.

    Measuring situation

    Measuring situation

    Measuring situation
    Wearing situation

    Wearing situation

    Wearing situation
  • Product Availability

    1.74 Super High Index

    1.67 High Index  
    1.60 High Index
    1.59 Polycarbonate
    1.53 Trivex  
    1.50 Hard Resin
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