All about eye surgery: Vision treatments

Eye surgery restoring vision

In today’s modern medicine a broad range of surgical procedures are available to restore vision and to support healthy eyesight. Whether it’s to correct refractive errors or health related vision disorders, some of these are the most common surgical procedures in medicine worldwide. The replacement of the eye-lens, blurred by a cataract with an Intraocular Lens Implant (IOL), for example is performed over 20 million times globally, based on WHO data. The following list provides some basic information about these standard operations:

Cataract surgery:

Cataracts and their treatment

A cataract is the most common cause for diminished vision quality today and affects most people as they age. Patients might not realize they have a cataract until cloudy vision dramatically impairs their daily routine. Left untreated, a cataract may even lead to complete loss of vision. The good news is that a cataract can be treated easily and effectively with a safe, routine procedure. Learn more about modern cataract treatment technologies.

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