ZEISS i.Terminal 2

Strive for excellence in centration

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ZEISS pioneered centration systems in 1992. ZEISS technology has been leading the way ever since.
ZEISS i.Terminal 2 1 2 represents the proven centration solution using a patented 3 laser technology to enhance patient experience.

ZEISS i.Terminal 2

ZEISS i.Terminal 2 offers high reliability thanks to the convergence control of the laser speckle - a patented ZEISS technology.
ZEISS i.Terminal 2 is very user-friendly and fast, offering precise centration results. ZEISS i.Terminal 2 captures and calculates your patient’s individual parameters with the click of a button and a precision of 0.1mm.

Your benefits at a glance:
  • Experience high reliability due to convergence control based on the ZEISS patented laser technology.
  • Provide fast and precise centration results
  • Allow a comfortable use even with children and wheel-chaired patients due to a flexible height range from 120 – 208 cm.

Technical Specifications

ZEISS i.Terminal 2

Mains voltage

100 V - 240 V AC

Supply frequency

50 Hz - 60 Hz

Mains fuses F1, F2

T4.0A/H 250 V 5x20 IEC 60127-2/3

Protection class


Overvoltage category


Pollution degree


Laser class

I according to CFR and IEC 60825-1

Ambient conditions for intended use

Temperature:+10°C to +40°C
Rel. humidity: 30%...85% (no condensation)
Max. height (MSL):2000 m

Transport and storage conditions
(in original packaging)

Temperature:-40°C to +70°C
Rel. humidity:10%...85% (no condensation)
Max. height (MSL):2000 m

Dimensions base

60 cm x 60 cm

Instrument (height x width x depth)

1250–2100 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm


approx. 47 kg

Min. ceiling height

2.1 m

Range of movement:

Minimum eye height: 110 cm (corresponds to approx. 120 cmbody height)
Maximum eye height: 195 cm (corresponds to approx. 208 cm body height)
Lifting range: 85 cm

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