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ZEISS Magnifiers and Magnifying Glasses

Flexibility for many visual tasks.

Magnifiers and magnifying glasses are essentially converging lenses that allow the eye to move closer to any object being observed. Whether for reading, doing handicrafts or other types of close-proximity work, magnifiers can provide excellent support.

  • Simple and efficent
  • High precision
  • Comfortable

ZEISS Magnifiers family

Sometimes the naked eye is simply not enough to distinguish small details.

ZEISS Pocket Magnifiers
ZEISS Pocket Magnifiers


These small devices have a major effect. The converging lenses of our magnifiers will support your customers perfectly when engaging in everyday tasks like reading, looking at photos, or doing handicrafts. Our product range comes with smaller variants that fit in a pocket or wallet, as well as head-worn magnifying glasses to keep the hands free:

  • Pocket Magnifiers
  • Head-worn Loupe L / LC
  • VisuCard

ZEISS VisuCard and Pocket Magnifiers

Simple and efficent.

Many of your customers are met with visual challenges like high precision work and fine detail recognition every day. ZEISS offers optical solutions that can fit into practically any pocket.

ZEISS VisuCard and Pocket Magnifiers

Pocket magnifier with two swivelling lenses (coverable in a plastic case).

ZEISS Pocket Magnifiers

ZEISS aplanatic-achromatic pocket magnifiers, offers customers optical solutions that can fit into practically any pocket. Depending on the model, these units provide magnification of 3x, 6x and 10x over the entire field of view, without any distortion or chromatic aberrations.

ZEISS VisuCard

ZEISS VisuCard

VisuCard is the ideal compact reading aid, ideal to see tiny details on the go. Its small dimensions, similar to a that of a cheque- or credit card, makes it ideal for mobile use. A protective hard coating and sleeve safeguards the unit during storage and transportation.

ZEISS Head-worn Loupes L / LC

For comfortable detail work.

ZEISS Head-worn Loupes L and LC are ideal if you need moderate magnification for your work and want to keep your hands free while performing tasks. Both sets of head-worn loupes allow for stereoscopic vision with magnifications of 1.25x or 1.4x.

ZEISS Head-worn Loupes L / LC

ZEISS Pocket Magnifiers

ZEISS Head-worn Loupes L

  • Stereoscopic vision with magnifications of 1.25x or 1.4x
  • Headband with exchangeable textile pad
  • Vertically adjustable visor
Head-worn loupe which is mountable on eyeglasses via a plastic clip.

ZEISS Head-worn Loupe LC

  • Stereoscopic vision with magnifications of 1.25x or 1.4x
  • Universal loupe clip attachable to practically any pair of eyeglasses

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