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ZEISS EYEWEAR has been created as a range of the finest quality men’s and women’s frames constructed from the best materials to reflect the precision excellence of ZEISS.

Designed to match facial contours

Every frame design starts from the nose and is worked outwards. Each design is conceived in three dimensions to work in harmony with the contours of the face.

TX5 frames are injection moulded into their final three dimensional form so they keep their anatomical shape.
As faces are not standardised, ZEISS EYEWEAR frames benefit from numerous different nose shape designs with different angles, heights and widths.

Designed to match facial contours.

Fit and adjustment to hold lenses correctly

The most important function of an ophthalmic frame is to hold a pair of lenses correctly and comfortably before the eyes with the upmost precision and comfort.
With many adjustment possibilities, ZEISS EYEWEAR frames can be fine-tuned to each wearer’s facial contours to enhance fit and reduce movement.
With the lenses held precisely and securely as prescribed, good eyewear and good lenses together can deliver uncompromised vision correction.

Styling choices to work in harmony with your lifestyle

Men’s, women’s and unisex styles in contemporary and classic styles with material options provides a collection of frames allows for a frame choice with a pair to suit your needs and personality.

Comfort and lightness to reduce wearer fatigue

Wearing a poorly fitting and/or heavy frame for long periods can be uncomfortable or even painful. ZEISS EYEWEAR’s approach is to put comfort first, so where the frame contacts the skin it is with minimal impact and with the lightest touch. Light and flexible materials that fit in harmony with facial contours allow for day-long comfort.

TX5 and Titanium construction for durability and hypoallergenic properties

Material selection requires for frames that can meet the demands of modern life. In addition to lightness, frames must be able to sustain wear and tear, providing reliable and durable frames that perform day in and day out. In addition, ZEISS EYEWEAR choose materials which minimise skin reaction.
Fit and adjustment to hold lenses correctly.

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