Signature Collection.


Visualising characters instead of people.

Your visual experience is our reason for being. Now we present the ultimate expression of our knowledge, design and craftsmanship, combined with levels of quality you can see and feel, created from luxurious materials in one, superlative eyewear collection.

Welcome to the ZEISS EYEWEAR Signature Collection.

Our vision is your satisfaction.

As one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of eyeglass lenses, ZEISS has always combined technical expertise and innovative ideas into exceptional visual experiences.
Our concept for the ZEISS EYEWEAR Signature Collection was to create a new interpretation of luxury eyewear. Each design is a masterpiece of simple elegance to reflect the wearer‘s self-assured style.
The Signature Collection needed to be exclusive, elegant, sophisticated and crafted from a blend of state of the art and natural materials. With an aesthetic where form follows function, our ultimate collection had to be easy to wear, lightweight and comfortable.

The Models.

The Signature Collection is a range of eight styles in a choice of frame materials for the wearer who demands only the very best.
Choose from the subtle, rich colours of natural buffalo horn, hand crafted together with spring loaded Titanium sides, to elegant and innovative solutions sculpted exclusively in Monobloc Titanium, to clever, two level designs featuring an intelligent spring hinge loaded top bar.

ZSS-10001 Natural Horn & Titanium
ZSS-20001 Natural Horn & Titanium
ZSS-30001 Titanium
ZSS-30002 Titanium
ZSS-40001 Titanium
ZSS-40002 Titanium
ZSS-40003 Titanium
ZSS-60001 Beta-Titanium

Where elegance is combined with luxury.

Timeless beauty meets advanced technology

The beauty of a handmade frame crafted from the horn of an Asian Water Buffalo is simply indescribable. Each and every horn is as unique as the rich and harmonious colour structure in every individual frame. A horn frame is light to wear, exceptionally comfortable against the skin and hypoallergenic.
Matched to the remarkable and natural properties of horn, the Signature Collection makes innovative use of the valuable properties of Titanium. One of the most robust metals available, Titanium is also versatile and maintains its beauty over time.
By using the most advanced pressing technology, CNC laser cutting and precision 4-axis laser welding, we create the most elegant Titanium frames that literally are state-of-the-art. Then, using an innovative ion plating process, we apply a colour coating more durable than any traditional process.
The results, as you can see, are quite simply exceptional.

Our interpretation of luxury eyewear.

Purely sensuous, practically sensational
The Signature Collection is not just a stunning collection of superbly crafted eyewear, it is a statement of our total commitment to creating the very pinnacle of the art of eyewear and the ultimate vision experience.

We have spent years acquiring the skills, the creativity and the innovation to enable us to create this collection. It is the culmination of our craft and we are honoured to put our name to it.

This is truly our Signature Collection and we created it for you.