Sunlens Collections


ZEISS Sunlens offers several collections for specific needs and different fields of application.

BMQ Collection

The BMQ (Below Minimum Quantity) collection includes a selection of our best-selling sun lenses in different materials, shapes and colourations, orderable online in small quantities: starting from 100 pairs, therefore below our standard minimum ordered quantity requirements (MOQ).

The BMQ collection offers a wide choice in the most popular and fashionable sunglasses colors and sizes in CR-39, polycarbonate and polyamide (nylon).

Sport Collection

This quality and performance sun lens collection is developed in collaboration with professional athletes and sportsmen and features a range of performance sun lenses to protect and enhance vision for specific sport activities and technical applications.

Spring Summer Colour Trend Collection

Behind every quality sunlens manufactured by ZEISS Sunlens there is technology but also research in fashion, design and social trends, to offer to the market a creative and high performing sunglasses product.

As a result, ZEISS Sunlens presents every year The Spring Summer Colour Trend Collection, a dedicated service for designers and spectacle frame manufacturers.

The collection offers a combination of fresh trends, lively ideas and inputs which are translated into colourful lenses, in line with styles and trends 2 seasons ahead; a reference for the major industry players.

Explore a colorful selection of coatings, solid tint, double & triple gradients CR-39 and CR-39 polarized lenses.

Winter Screen Collection: Snow goggles

Our snow goggles lenses for skiing and snowboarding are very popular. The geometries and colours are developed to ensure performance, safety and enjoyment of the snow.

The right colors for snow goggles

While skiing or snowboarding, weather conditions can dramatically differ: from sunny to foggy, from snowy to rainy. Under such conditions, clearly seeing the ground undulations is essential and a lens that flattens the terrain would be dangerous and inadequate.

The selected colour range for Winter Screen highlights the critical red, green, yellow portions of the spectrum in order to allow normal colour perception, provide comfort in bright reflective conditions or dark adaptation when the sun sets. ZEISS Sunlens also offers the opportunity to develop tailor-made hues. According to your technical requirements, our laboratory can create a specific colour curves to accurately match your needs.

Polarized snow googles

While skiing or snowboarding, snow and ice represent a threat for the vision due to their highly reflective properties. It is therefore important to protect the eyes with the right lens that ensures a perception of surrounding obstacles and dangers without any annoying glare. The series Winter Screen Polar represent the ultimate polarized lens solution for visual performance and protection against UV and extreme glare thanks to the polarized filter that provide a sharp and relaxed vision.