Sunlens Products

Products & Services for Sunglasses

Sun lens Materials, Coatings, Geometries and Sizes

ZEISS Sunlens is producing more than sun lenses. Behind every sunlens there is a long history of accurate researches in the field of optics, product tests, colors and coatings development, to offer to the market a flawless product.

ZEISS Sunlens offers one of the widest and most differentiated range of products and services for sunglasses on the market with numerous innovative materials, coatings, geometries and sizes. Our expertise in colour development offers the possibility of developing dedicated colours on demand, for performance or fashion tints.

Lens materials

We offer sunlens materials suitable for every field application and frame design:

  • the performance of injected polycarbonate, impacto and polyamide (commonly named nylon) lenses
  • the colourful choice of CR-39 lenses, with more than 300 tints
  • the advanced polarized series
Lens geometries, sun lenses

Lens geometries

The ZEISS Sunlens portfolio offers a rich variety of patented optics and shapes suitable for all kind of frame geometries and performance applications.

Mirrors & Coatings, sun lenses

Mirrors & Coatings

ZEISS Sunlens assorted choice of cosmetic and performance coatings all offers outstanding results in terms of adhesion, scratch resistance and long-lasting qualities for premium sun lenses.